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Moredread, Season 1 - Episode 1: EVICTED by Ann Hunter

Moredread, Season 1 - Episode 1: EVICTED
by Ann Hunter

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: December 24, 2014
Publisher: Afterglow Productions
Genre: Humor| Satire
Print Length: 22 pages
Available from: Amazon


Mike, a Manhattan bartender down on his luck, finds himself evicted from his Bronx apartment. A walk to clear his head ends in a tragic accident. He wakes up at Fairy Tale Inn in the magical land of Crum where townsfolk burst into song, and all is bright and cheerful... or is it? Often the happiest places are facades for something darker.
Can Mike accept his new identity as Moredread and save our favorite fairy tale characters from a fate far more sinister than being stuck in a chorus line?

Season 1 - Episode 1: EVICTED
Mike wishes he had something better to do than his dead end bartending job and staying on the lam from the bookies and debt collectors he owes. Unfortunately, time runs out. Having missed his third rent payment in a row, Mike finds himself homeless and broke. Oh, and look, Benny the Bookie's fist just said hello to Mikes face... and gut... and pretty much every other place he could think to kick his can to.
Mike doesn't believe his day could get any worse, but then he wakes up in a medieval tavern, only to find his rent there is also due. The innkeeper calls him Moredread, and it's time he start earning his keep.

Moredread, Season 1 - Episode 1: EVICTEDMy Review
Moredread, Season 1 - Episode 1: EVICTED by Ann Hunter

Mike is having a bad day, a very bad day and as the hours tick away, it gets worse. Not only has he been evicted for failure to pay his rent, his bookie, Benny has decided that Mike’s excuses are no longer going to save him. I’m sure it was nothing personal, just business, but for Mike, being on the receiving end of Benny’s method of communicating his displeasure has pretty much sent the message loud and clear to every part of Mike’s body. The last thing to desert him is his consciousness, or has the world as he knew it also left him behind?

When Mike comes to, he discovers he still owes rent, but this time to a medieval innkeeper, you would think if he was going to wake in another time and place, he could at least not wake to the same dire straits, right? Add to that, his name is Moredread and Mikes is pretty convinced something is wrong, very wrong, and seriously? He is going to work in the tavern to pay his bill? Talk about history repeating itself, or is that history repeating the future? Why is Mike here? Has he been sent on a mission of magic and myths? And exactly how does it help his current situation in the land of reality?

Leave it to Ann Hunter to go off the beaten path and make me hope we get lost for a while! Moredread, Season 1 - Episode 1: EVICTED promises to be a laugh out loud kind of quirkiness, even if we are only fed tiny morsels at a time. I’m looking forward to more of Mike/Moredread’s mishaps and mayhem in the land of fairytales. Maybe he’ll have more luck there than in his previous life.


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