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Preserver by Chris Reardon

by Christopher Reardon

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: December 27, 2014
Publisher: Sleepytown Press
Genre: Mystery \ Thriller \ Fantasy
Print Length: 130 pages
Age Level: 12 - 18
Available from: Amazon 


17-year-old Corey not only has to deal with his mother’s disappearance, but recurring nightmares horrifying him to no end. Each and every night, an old man constantly begs for his help. He pleads for assistance escaping a murderer keeping him hostage in another world.

Corey, according to the old man, is the only one that can stop this monster. After all, he does know the spell. Melody, an unpredictable, no-nonsense girl from his math class, has also been having horrific nightmares with this same old man. She, however, is not willing to talk about it. Melody also refuses to believe any of his pleas.

When Corey and Melody are thrust from their homes by a mysterious woman, they embark on a journey through a mystical land. From battling demons to escaping prison chambers, they realize they’re part of something much bigger, and hiding from their duty is no longer an option.

PreserverMy Review
Preserver by Chris Reardon

Waking up in a cold sweat after a terrifying nightmare is becoming disturbingly normal for Corey. Having no idea why he is dreaming of an old man begging for help to be freed from the dungeons of an evil murderer, Corey can only hope the dreams will stop or change and give him some answers. He really has no one he feels he can talk to about this; especially since his mother disappeared leaving him with only a muddled verse that he felt compelled to write down. Was his mother having a breakdown? Was that why she left?

Corey isn’t a bad student, but a surprise test in math sent tremors through his world, as he prepared to bite the bullet and probably fail. But those tremors were nothing compared to the avalanche of confusion he felt seeing the exact phrase from his mother on a piece of paper sticking out of Melody’s notebook. Neither teen understands the message, but both received it from someone they loved who disappeared after. Little did they know, these simple words and a mysterious woman were about to rock their existence and take them into a realm where magic, evil and good all reside while charging them with ending the reign of terror of “The Preserver.” Guess that surprise test wasn’t so bad after all! Quirky magical beings, deceit and danger will follow them on their journey as their nightmares come to life, but now they are going to see how it ends. Tainted by power, the Preserver has become twisted, and instead of being a protector or the gatekeeper to another world, they have become corrupted and power hungry. Only with the magical spell that lives within the words that Corey and Melody received, can this world be made right again. How do they know they haven’t been lied to? Will they survive their quest?

Looking for a tale that is definitely “child safe?” Author Chris Reardon has spun an adventure to be remembered in his latest work, Preserver . Written with a smooth, yet rapid pace, in a world of make-believe, Mr. Reardon allows his readers to fall into this tale, share in the adventure, the atmosphere and quirkiness that sometimes pop up. Regular kids, being asked to go above and beyond anything they have done before, faced with things they have never seen before and having to risk making decisions that are beyond epic to become larger than life heroes!

Another hidden gem for younger readers that shines with its brilliance! Ahh, to be a kid again!

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