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Realm of Spirits by Sylvester Edmonds

Realm of Spirits 
by Sylvester Jessie Edmonds

My rating: 3 stars

Publication Date: October 27, 2014
Publisher: Sylvester Edmonds
Genre: Fantasy | Dark
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Eight days before Moses was born there was a prophecy of eight jewels of power given to eight angelic children throughout the land of Canaan. The Pharaoh at the time knows about the prophecy and plans to take the jewels for himself sending his soldiers out to every village, city, and town to find any child with a jewel inside them. And what the soldiers don't find they are ordered to burn down everything, little does the Pharaoh know there are demonic forces also after the jewels.

My Review
Realm of Spirits by Sylvester Edmonds

Greed and a quest for power endanger eight children, each with a special brilliant light, each the child of an angel. First came the archangel Michael with his message. At his son’s birth, the child was different and glowing, being called demonic by the small town midwife. The Pharaoh’s army was told to hunt down these children, steal their inner jewel of light and destroy the villages. Running to save her newborn son, his mother comes across a demon in disguise, also sent to steal the child. How does she save him? Or will he be gifted with the ability to save her? Their journey leads them to the others; all running to safety, all mothers of angelic children, each with their own jeweled light, all of them attacked by demons. Will they reach safety in the chaotic world of good and evil they live in? What is their purpose? Does a higher power need them for things mankind cannot understand and may fear?

Realm of Spirits by Sylvester J. Edmonds begins a 5 part novella series that will hopefully answer the questions left hanging. Although short, Mr. Edmonds is not stingy on details, on the sense of fear and chaos in his world, all while leaving a sense of awe at the gifts bestowed on these women who understand the responsibilities they must take. What better way to keep good alive than to wrap it in a mother’s love?

This is not light reading; it is intense and thought-provoking, possibly requiring a second read to more fully comprehend these events, as they are presented with a feeling of urgency and frantic fear for the children’s safety and the cast of characters grows, page by page. Certainly a unique piece, one to be enjoyed and pondered over until the next addition comes out.

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