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Silent Memories by Hattie C. Cooper (The Sawmill Cove Trilogy, #1)

Silent Memories
by Hattie C. Cooper

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Sawmill Cove Trilogy - Book 1
Publication Date: January 3, 2015
Publisher: Hattie C. Cooper
Genre: Romantic Mystery
Print Length: 173 pages
Available from: Amazon


A musician touring the world, Jay Jeffries left Sawmill Cove long ago to escape painful shadows from his past. But when his brother and sister-in-law are mysteriously murdered, Jay must return home to become the guardian of the only witness: Jay's four-year-old niece, Penny, who has not spoken a word since the eve of the murder. Though the murder remains unsolved, and mysterious events continue to occur throughout the town, Jay's primary focus remains protecting Penny.
Ultimately it may take Ryan Hart, a Forensic Artist who is as strong as she is beautiful, to help Jay and Penny come together. Ryan travels the country helping young witnesses like Penny Jeffries heal, but this case is different. For one, her new guardian Jay doesn't want Ryan anywhere near Penny. And second, the case mirrors her own childhood in an eerily similar manner.
Now, Jay, Ryan, and Penny must all face the dark memories of their past while also accepting their unforeseen futures. Like the lake sitting still and silent amidst Sawmill Cove, the stories at its heart contain incalculable depths. 

Silent Memories (The Sawmill Cove Trilogy Book 1)My Review
Silent Memories by Hattie C. Cooper 

He left Sawmill Cove to make his mark in a world where he thought he fit perfectly. Jay Jefferies went from small town obscurity to rockstar, traveling, partying and doing what he was good at. But when the call came that his brother and sister-in-law were murdered and he was the only family his young niece had, he went home to Sawmill, the place he had left behind. Traumatized, four-year-old Penny has not spoken a word since she witnessed the grizzly scene and Uncle Jay was a stranger with no clue as to how to care for her, let alone reach out to protect her from her inner nightmarish thoughts.
The police need clues and only Penny can help them, so forensic artist Ryan Hart is brought in with her special ability to reach out and work with traumatized witnesses. Jay will do anything to help, except subject his niece to more heartache and takes his frustration out on the beautiful artist. Justice must be found, the case must be closed and the “why” of the murders discovered. Wouldn’t that just make Penny’s world a little safer?

Sometimes opposites attract and first impressions are wrong, have Jay and Ryan found more to share than Penny’s welfare? Has this wild rocker found three-part harmony in the town he wrote off? Can music sooth more than the savage beast?

Silent Memories by Hattie C. Cooper hit all the high notes with me. Romance, mystery and a possible new lease on life for three completely likable characters that deserve more than life has shown them so far, get ready to take off into the world of Sawmill Cove! There is no insta-love, but there are sparks of one sort or another that are fanned into more than just attraction. There are revelations that will jar your heart, the innocence of a child and the evil of murder. Who is the culprit? Who will find more than they ever dreamed of? Who will learn that home is where your heart is?
Wonderful writing, amazing world building and a tale that will have you ready for more from this gifted author!

I received this copy from Hattie C. Cooper in exchange for my honest review.


  1. This sounds like the kind of thing I need to be reading right now. I definitely want to try more mysteries this year, for one. And then that aside, it sounds like it has a cool romance as well. Love everything about this one!

  2. Olivia-Savannah, thank you for your truly kind and lovely comment! You just made my day :) If you end up reading it gime a shout and let me know your thoughts!!
    Happy romance-reading,