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Spark by K.C. Stewart (Hailey Holloway, #1)

by K.C. Stewart

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Hailey Holloway - Book 1
Publication Date: March 1, 2014
Publisher: K.C. Stewart
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy Romance
Print Length: 224 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Copywriter by day, nerd by night, Hailey Holloway is living the post college dream. Her life may not be flashy and exciting but it’s enough for her. After a late night at work, Hailey stumbles upon two dragons brawling in the middle of Philadelphia. In an act of kindness and lapse of sanity, she comforts the dragon who was left behind to die. In doing so she inadvertently invited the soul of Dacea into herself for safe keeping. Hailey just wants to live her life as simply and quietly as possible but with the voice of a disembodied dragon in her head, she has little hope of achieving her goal.

Dacea will do anything to be free of Hailey, a human who is moments from checking herself into a psychiatric ward. He is grateful to be alive, but at what cost to his sanity? The dragon world is in upheaval. Green is at war with Red, and he is of no use to anyone while stuck with Hailey.

The solution to their problem is not without its risks. But just how far will Hailey go to be free of the dragon?

Spark (Hailey Holloway, #1)My Review
Spark by K.C. Stewart

You know that anticipation of a new book, new author, new series? Am I going to like it, am I going to be sad, mad, angry or just not care? Spark, the first of the Hailey Holloway Series had me from page one, not carefully landing into the story, but plunged ungracefully and loving every page of funny, snarky attitude as we are invited into the truly overcrowded mind of Hailey Holloway, who already mentally talks to herself! Two men with unusual eyes, wait, two dragons, wait, two men again, no one dragon and one man, battling it out, one human young woman already having a weird day, getting caught up in the madness and figuring it’s just the way her life rolls? Even when one of the dragon/men lies battered and dying, she is trying to give him comfort, all thoughts of her own safety forgotten, or at least put aside, and then, it happens, as he lay dying, his soul or essence seeps into Hailey’s body and she is now sharing her mind with another; and the sparks begin to fly! Are you ready for attitude, snark, snarls and a woman with her own bite, a heart of gold and a talent for being in the wrong place at the right time?

Meet Hailey and Dak, who, stuck in one body, take to battling with words, volleying back and forth like a ping pong ball inside Hailey’s head. Meanwhile, another dragon who was out to kill Dak is on the hunt for Hailey, but why? Just to get to Dak? Is there a two for one special on death in Hailey’s new world? What is the age old war between Silas and Dak about? How is Hailey now so important to each of them?

Sound a little crazy? Sound like a lot of fun? Sound a little hot? Where there are dragons, there is smoke and fire. Where there is Hailey, there is humor, tension and too many questions to answer! One thing for sure, if you ever need a crazy-good read, light on seriousness, heavy on great dialogue and fascinating action, not to mention the twists, oh my, the twists…you may need a little Dramamine just to follow Hailey’s antics!

Thank you K.C. Stewart for your fresh and fun look at paranormal romance as it whips by at breakneck speed! This author can write, set the stage, the mood and leave me begging for an encore or two! Yep, this is truly a gem, all bright and shiny!
I received this copy in exchange for my honest review.

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