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Surviving the Rachel by Aven Ellis

Surviving the Rachel
by Aven Ellis

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: December 19, 2014
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 262 pages
Available from: Amazon


Bree Logan is ready to start her post-college life, but when she’s dumped by The One, unable to land a professional job, and has to move back in with her parents, she doesn’t think things can get worse until she ends up with her hair chopped into The Rachel, the infamous haircut made famous by the show Friends. Which is not good since it’s no longer 1994. But sometimes you have to go through challenges to get what you really need, and for Bree, could that include a different career and a romance with Jack Chelten, the boy-next-door?

Surviving the RachelMy Review
Surviving the Rachel by Aven Ellis

Hard to believe, but I am nearly speechless after stumbling my way back to reality, grinning like a Cheshire cat. Aven Ellis, you are on my list of authors who could write a grocery list and I would beg to read it! You know that growing TBR pile we ALL have? Climb up and place Surviving the Rachel at the very top, where this gem belongs!

Get ready to sigh, bite your nails, role your eyes and laugh and then laugh some more! Romance has never been so romantically lovable when one down-on-her-luck woman must (ack!) go back to Mom and Dad’s to regroup, re-employ and repair her broken heart. As if fate isn’t kicking her butt enough, the fresh start Bree is looking to make turns into a disaster when she decides a “do” is in order, what she didn’t expect was to walk out looking like a Rachel wanna be, circa 1990ish. Sure, she loves the “Friends” sitcom, she is a fanatic, but her hair is no longer her crowning glory. (And before you say, the difference between a good cut and a bad one is two weeks, I’m not so sure Bree would listen, can you say strong-willed?) Okay, beyond that little joke from Fate, her mother is playing cupid, and offering Bree up to the two brothers who have just moved in next door. But wait! There’s more! Bree’s mother’s little pooch has decided that, while Bree is meeting one of the brothers, it must pee on the guy’s floor. Ah, that Fate, what a jokester, or, have Fate and Cupid gotten together to stitch two broken hearts back together as one?

Jack is the older, more serious brother, Mom is pushing the younger, outgoing ladies’ man. But Bree’s heart knows what she wants and Jack is definitely on the menu! Being the nice guy he is, Jack even helps Bree find the job of her dreams, but it is up to her to hold on to it. So what’s the problem? They have the attraction, the same quirky tastes in just about everything, but Jack suffers from “Nice Guy” syndrome. The woman he thought he wanted to spend his life with, dumped him years back and he has never recovered, and he blames the saying, “Nice Guys Finish Last.” Bree’s had her fill of bad boys, now she wants a man. How does she convince Jack she is the woman for him, not a ghost from the past?

Leave it to Aven Ellis to make life’s disasters and heartaches into a humorous and heart-warming romance while creating characters that you want to live next door to! Bree is a delight, witty, strong, with some baggage, yes, but when cut loose, she becomes the perfect role model for brainy women everywhere. Jack, geez, he is just about perfect, himself, easy-going, generous with his laughter, his willingness to help, support and be a friend, and lugging his own past around like a monkey on his back. Let’s just say you can’t choose your family, good or bad, but they played their parts well!

Okay, so I wasn’t speechless, my condensed version: Just read it! Surviving the Rachel Shines like a jar full of fireflies!


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