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The Fourteenth Protocol by Nathan A. Goodman

The Fourteenth Protocol
by Nathan A. Goodman

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: October 13, 2014
Publisher: Thought Reach Press
Genre: Thriller | Intrigue
Print Length: 323 pages
Available from: Amazon


What would it take to infiltrate a terror cell, and eviscerate it?
Waseem Jarrah is the new, ruthless face of terror in the United States, and the CIA will stop at nothing to break him. But how far is too far? As the lines blur between good and evil, fledgling FBI agent Jana Baker thrashes in the midst of an epic battle to prove her worth, not only to fellow agents, but to herself. In this modern coming-of-age tale, Agent Baker’s struggle against evil and her own fears takes her to the edge of the abyss, and the clock is ticking.

The Fourteenth ProtocolMy Review
The Fourteenth Protocol by Nathan A. Goodman

What if the difference between a group of terrorists forcing America to its knees and saving the American way of life was just a heartbeat in time? In a country used to feeling safe, filled with government agencies keeping watch over any threats, one twisted zealot slithers past under the radar and plans the annihilation of the American dream. The lines of good and evil are blurring between agencies when the clich├ęd rivalries between government lawmen turns into an interagency bloodbath as one agency oversteps its bounds, becoming part of the terror, part of the planned death and destruction. One email service provider, malicious coding and one powerful CIA leader, at his breaking point, in over his head and the avalanche of doom has begun. The determination and strength of one FBI agent, Jana Baker and the computer genius of a geek named Cade may become the country’s first and last line of defense. Dozens of known targets, and then the shock of uncovering one more, destination unknown has everyone reeling. In a furious and frantic search to find the missing suicide bomber, to capture the leader and to end the nation’s code red status, it all comes down to a matter of seconds…

I’m still coming down from the gut-clenching, edge of my seat, turbo ride that Nathan A. Goodman sent me on in The Fourteenth Protocol. Deeply intriguing, beyond the realm of “pretend,” I was there; I could smell the fear, the hatred, the cordite and blood that was shed. With characters firmly planted and nurtured to their full potential, Mr. Goodman brings every page to life, one horrific twist at a time. I was fascinated by how well Mr. Goodman demonstrated how easily these groups can carry on with their plans, unnoticed.

If the idea of getting lost in an intriguing plot, devious twists and unknown outcomes sounds good, then you will love The Fourteenth Protocol.

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