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The Vagabond Vicar by Charlotte Brentwood

The Vagabond Vicar
by Charlotte Brentwood

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: October 14, 2014
Publisher: Charlotte Brentwood
Genre: Historical Romance
Print Length: 279 pages
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William Brook is an idealistic young cleric, desperate to escape dreary England for a mission adventure in exotic lands. It's his worst nightmare come true when he is posted to a parish in a small backwater village, populated with small-minded people and husband-hunting mamas. He’s determined not to form any ties and to escape the country as an independent single man.

A free spirit, Cecilia Grant is perfectly content to remain in her family home in Amberley village - when she's not wandering the countryside at all hours painting. Marriage options are few, but that won't stop her mother from engineering a match with one of the ruling family's sons. Cecilia attempts to win the man, but what is it about the new vicar and his brooding ways that is so appealing? Could he be the only one who has ever really understood her, and can she discover what he is running away from?

As William struggles not to fall in love with the lady's intoxicating beauty and mysterious eccentricity, he finds himself drawn into the lives of the villagers, despite their best efforts to alienate the newcomer. When he makes it clear he's not sticking around, Cecilia strives to restrain her blossoming feelings for him. Just when it seems love may triumph, dark secrets are revealed in Amberley and a scandal from William’s past may see the end of not only his career, but his chance at finding an everlasting love.

The Vagabond Vicar is an unashamedly romantic historical novel you'll fall in love with. If you love Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer, can't get enough of Downton Abbey or Cranford, or just prefer old-fashioned boy-meets-girl stories, try reading Charlotte Brentwood.

Sensuality level: sweet (only kissing)
Please note, although there is some mention of religious subject matter due to the hero's occupation, this is not an "inspirational" novel.

The Vagabond VicarMy Review
The Vagabond Vicar by Charlotte Brentwood

How often does a romance from the past and across the pond ride the edge of completely romantic, completely enchanting and is completely devoid of heaving bosoms and the snobbery of the Ton? Charlotte Brentwood’s The Vagabond Vicar has all of the trappings of a time in history where station, reputation and having the right pedigree are of utmost importance.

William is a young vicar with dreams of aiding the poor and lost around the globe. What he gets is a small English town, a little off the beaten path and a group of parishioners who are set in their ways, of doing things the way the old vicar did things. It doesn’t help that William is unmarried and not looking to change that any time soon. His new post was a disappointment until he meets Cecelia, a ray of sunshine and fresh air in an otherwise gray and stagnant environment. Through sheer force of will, they avoid each other, because Cecelia’s mother has other plans for her future. Impropriety would ruin her, deserved or not.

As in any true romance, there is a villain doing his worst to keep two lovers apart. But will the vile Mr. Barrington use his family’s power and wealth to sway the town even further away from the young vicar? Will he attempt to blackmail Cecelia into marriage or at least an “arrangement?” Are these the worst of his sins? Secrets, lies, scandal and misunderstandings, they are all in this delightful tale from Ms. Brentwood, as well as young love. Some may find that confession is good for the soul, as well.

Want a “Mom’safe” romance to share that is warm, has tension, is driven by characters that are so very likeable? Here it is, The Vagabond Vicar, a gem of a find, pure entertainment, and a trip back to a time when social proprieties could make or break a young woman. Charlotte Brentwood has captured the feel and atmosphere of a trip back in time, while giving us two wonderfully kind personalities who are drawn to each other like a moth to the flame. No eyeball sizzling steam, just pure romance, told with a confident hand in a totally sigh-worthy way. A real feel good tale that will leave you smiling.

I received this copy from Charlotte Brentwood in exchange for my honest review.

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