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Tristan's Secret Life by Connie Cliff (STALKER BOOK 1)

Tristan's Secret Life
by Connie Cliff

My rating: Barely 3 stars

Publication Date: December 22, 2014
Publisher: Connie Cliff
Genre: Erotica
Print Length: 21 pages
Available from: Amazon


Meet Tristan. He is a billionaire prodigy with a secret fetish. He likes to stalk women who have expressed their most private desires on an attack fantasy forum. He watches them, follows them, and when the time is right, he enters their homes and ravishes them. How did this successful genius succumb to this mania? Why does it involve his agonizing crush on his stepsister? Where will it lead him?

Tristan's Secret Life (Billionaire Taboo, Attack Fantasy, Lesbian Erotica)My Review
Tristan's Secret Life by Connie Cliff

In just a very few pages, the body of a twisted erotic tale was forming. I can honestly say Connie Cliff can write with a fluid style that is inviting, as well as entertaining. Tristan’s Secret Life is the first short tale in a series of shorts that hopefully will uncover a lot more story as well as it “uncovers” everything else!

Tristan is brilliant, but the knowledge that he was adopted seemed to splinter him in his youth. Now an adult, he has been approached by his stepsister to be her first, which he declines, until he sees her with another and finds he enjoys watching. Emotionally and sexually stunted, he now plays the role of stalker/attacker to women who want to play, but they must look like his stepsister.

The steam is explicit, but I would like more depth in my characters and be able to make some kind of connection. If not that, I need to feel there will be a point of healing for Tristan or at least a wrap to the story.

I received this copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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