Friday, January 23, 2015

Wallflower by Cato Zachrisen (Short)

by Cato Zachrisen

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: January 16, 2015
Publisher: Nonverbal LLC
Genre: YA Short Story
Print Length: 23 pages
Available from: Amazon


Now you see her, now you don't....

15-year-old Callie knows what it's like to feel invisible. Her family, her classmates, even her so-called friends act like she's not even there. When she really does turn invisible, all those who ignored her better watch out because this wallflower is out for revenge.

My Review:
Wallflower by Cato Zachrisen
A quick and light read, perfect for a young adult, teen, or anyone, really! Wallflower by Cato Zachrisen is a complete story in just a few words. Being the one ignored in school is painful, but when Callie has had enough and finally starts talking to the only girl more invisible at school during the annual yearbook signing, they devise a wishlist of things they would do to pay back those who snubbed them. Who would know they may actually be able to live out those fantasies and never get caught? Two outcasts, one book of spells and revenge can be so sweet. Not saying revenge is good, but this is good laughable fun!

Great job, Cato Zachrisen! You put together action and emotional baggage in just a few pages while keeping it light, keeping it funny and bringing back some of the evils of school traditions with just the right touch of magnetic charm!


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