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Well in Time by Suzan Still

Well in Time
by Suzan Still

My rating: 4 stars

Sequel to Fiesta of Smoke
Expected publication: January 20th 2015
Publisher: The Story Plant
ISBN: 1611881846 | ISBN13: 9781611881844
Genre: Literary Fiction
Paperback: 400 pages


Through a series of telescoping stories, Well in Time plunges back from the present day through medieval Europe to ancient Egypt in quest of the origins of an object of magical power. Novelist Calypso Searcy is gifted an ancient golden locket that confers the ability to know the future through dreams. It opens intriguing vistas into history, but while writing her account of the locket’s past, disaster strikes in the present. Rancho Cielo, the ranch she and her lover Javier CarteƱa have created with their own hands in Mexico’s Copper Canyon, comes under attack by a Mexican drug cartel.

Leaving Javier to defend the ranch with his army of hands, Calypso embarks with her friend Hill on a wild escape that takes them through remote and treacherous territory and delivers them into the hands of a mysterious group, the Ghosts, who may be more dangerous than the cartel from which they are fleeing. As the stories of the locket and of Calypso’s escape weave together, parallels appear that cause her to question who she really is, and what the real meaning of her life might be.

The sequel to the acclaimed novel Fiesta of Smoke, Well In Time is based in actual historical events and in the wisdom of timeless mysteries known as the Perennial Philosophy. It is a singular reading experience.

Well in TimeMy Review
Well in Time by Suzan Still 

An ancient golden locket, a gift to a novelist has the ability to embue the owner with the gift of future-sight through dreams. While chronicling its past, Calypso Searcy and Javier Cartena’s ranch is attacked by a Mexican drug cartel. Escaping, Calypso is confronted by a dark and mysterious group known as the Ghosts. Has she just gone from the frying pan into the fire? Is there a connection to the locket? Is there something from the ancient past that involves Calypso, today? What are the origins of this magical artifact? Will the answer come from ancient Egypt? What of the drug cartel’s attack at Rancho Cielo? Will Javier and his men protect the ranch? A mystery that blends the past and present, dark secrets and intrigue, Well in Time by Suzan Still will leave you wondering, what other unknowns has man not yet discovered or has lost the answers to across time and history? Are souls all connected through re-birth?

Suzan Still writes with a colorful and flowing style as each layer of the story unfolds to find another within, as she takes us further back in time and deeper into this tale. Even her use of tunnels into the past became real as they began to close in around both the characters and the reader. Ms. Still fills each page with a myriad of descriptions painting her word canvas in an almost poetic detail, adding to the mystery and wonder of the locket’s past. If you enjoy good pacing, rich in detail, like to stretch the boundaries of what is real and what MAY be real, this could prove a very intriguing read. NOT for someone looking for rapid-fire action and black and white plot, this maze through time is anything but black and white!

It is my understanding there is a previous book. When given Well in Time, for review, I was unaware and feel that the background information would have eased me into a better connection to this tale, but, I will say that Ms. Still is an excellent wordsmith!

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