Saturday, February 7, 2015

Affinity by Debbie Adam (Tri-Light Trilogy, #2)

by Debbie Adam

My rating: 5 stars

Series - Tri-Light Trilogy - Book 2
Publication Date: January 8, 2015
Publisher: Debbie Adam
Genre: Adult Fantasy
Print Length: 360 pages
Available from: Amazon


Evie has discovered a secret about herself that someone has tried very hard to conceal. Another chance meeting with a devilishly gorgeous Hellhound sends Evie in a spin … how could she want Kiran too? As the mystery unfolds, Evie and Luc’s new-found love is threatened in more ways than one. Follow Evie as she faces life-changing challenges and tries to reconcile her feelings for the two sexy supernaturals. Kiran’s surprise revelation is the beginning of an adventure all three will play an important role in.

Affinity (The Tri-Light Trilogy Book 2)My Review
Affinity by Debbie Adam

Evie’s life has gotten more complicated than calculus and while her love for her mate, Luc continues to blister the varnish off teak, Kiran, the Hellhound has her panting for him, too. Are we about to see a tug of war for her affections or has life tossed her another trial to make her stronger? Two mates? For real?

Meanwhile, there is more going on than meets the eye, and when Evie confesses her feeling for Kiran to Luc, does he follow through with his promise that she can tell him anything or does he go all vapid vampire on her and seek satisfaction in the arms of another? Distressed, her spirit leaves her body and she goes on a quest to make another man happy into the fae realm to find Cassie, a princess spelled to forget those she loves, including her daughter, Evie. Can Evie reunite Cassie with her mate in the earth realm? What shocking revelation will that bring?

Speaking of spells, Luc is acting strange and Bella is acting like Luc’s favorite buffet, is another magical being behind it? As the truth comes to light, it will be Kiran that pieces it all together, as unbelievable as it seems, this Hellhound has discovered that Gaia’s plans are finally coming to fruition, if the unlikely trio of Evie, Luc and Kiran can learn to play nice and share because the world’s very existence depends on it.

Debbie Adam has continued to raise the bar with Affinity, book two of The Tri-Light Trilogy. She has added every twist and touch of turmoil she could find as she weaves a tale of love, trust and survival. Then she dumps it all on three divergent characters, while sticking her heroine precariously balanced between the world she thought she knew and the world she is just discovering. Can you say brilliantly devious on her part? Just in case you think we have a “typical” romantic triangle, I’m here to say, “Perish the thought!” Yes, Evie is like a ping pong ball, but this is fantasy and clearly, her “problems” in the love department make for some eyeball sizzling reading! Grab some oven mitts and keep them handy, you’ve been warned!

Who knew Debbie Adam could combine an incredible journey into the world of the supernatural, fill it with Earth-shattering peril, build the tension, twist it in knots and then rub romantic spice all over it with such an artistic flare? Did I mention the sexual tension is blistering? (yep, keep those mitts handy)

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