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Blood-Bonded by Force by Tracy Tappan (The Community Series #3)

Blood-Bonded by Force
by Tracy Tappan

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Community - Book 3
Publication Date: March 6, 2015
Publisher: B. Reed Publishing
Genre: Paranormal
Print Length: 333 pages
Available from: Amazon


The Vârcolac warriors face their biggest challenge when one of the demented Topside Om Rău goes rogue and starts stealing Fey power, driving them all toward an Otherworld apocalypse.

With a single act of unspeakable cruelty, half-demon Pändra Parthen permanently binds herself to Vârcolac warrior Thomal Costache. Stuck together for life, the two enemies must find a way to live with what cannot be undone. As time apart from her ruthless father allows Pändra to uncover her true self, she tries to mend the breach with Thomal. But he is stalled in seething rage, troubled by an inner turmoil even deeper than the abuse he suffered at Pändra’s hands. To free Thomal, Pändra makes a perilous sacrifice…and lands herself in the demon town of Oţărât.

Half-Rău Big Nỵko Brun is the one man who has a slim hope of breaching Oţărât. But Nỵko took himself out of the hero business after failing the people he loves too many times. He even abandoned Faith Teague, the woman who was destined to be his mate. Left to fend for herself while her world crumbles around her, Faith also makes a sacrifice that traps her in the violent hell of Oţărât. Now the fate of both women rests on Nỵko’s enormous shoulders, but he can’t manage a rescue without Thomal’s help…and then only if the proud Vârcolac can somehow find room in his heart for his enemy.

**Content warning: not intended for gentle readers, this book contains profanity, violence, and intense adult situations.

Blood-Bonded by Force (The Community Series #3)My Review
Blood-Bonded by Force by Tracy Tappan

Blood-Bonded by Force proves once again that Tracy Tappan writes with a razor-sharp style that never shies away for the darkness or grit. Her characters aren’t fluff, but of a substance often appearing harder than nails, while her world is rarely calm and serene. Add her version of a vampire and the lives they lead and suddenly urban fantasy takes on a new and chiseled face.
An Otherworld apocalypse is looming on the horizon and the Varcolac warriors may be all that stands between salvation and death at the hands of a rogue who has begun stealing Fey power for his own demented machinations.

Two bitter enemies become bonded when half-demon Pandra binds herself to Thomal, in one brutal and dehumanizing moment for the beaten warrior. Was it truly Pandra’s doing or was it the quest to seek approval from her vicious father’s cold heart that drove her depravity. Time away from her sire caused a change in Pandra. With Thomal still seething from her actions, she finds she wants to be with him, to prove she is not the monster she once was. Will an act of self-sacrifice thaw his heart? Does she deserve him?

Buried within this dark tale are not one but two tales of love against the odds, will they have happy endings or will their next battle to save the world leave heartbreak and bloodshed in its wake?

Told as only Tracy Tappan can tell it, Blood-Bonded by Force is dark, sinister and shrouded in the taint of evil where little light or happiness can shine through. Will Ms. Tappan allow passions to flare and trust to build or will the races of the otherworld fragment beyond repair, leaving only jagged shards of once noble lives? With few light-hearted moments that can bring a smile to your face, Ms. Tappan opens the Varolac world up to the dark side as we have never seen it. Forget about heroes in white hats, look for unlikely heroes to root for, as well as bravery and sacrifice wrapped in one of Tracy Tappan’s best tales yet!

I received an ARC edition from Tracy Tappan in exchange for my honest review.

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