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Chronicles of the Nocturnal Forest by Vanessa Kings (Stories of the Fairy of my Dreams #1)

Chronicles of the Nocturnal Forest

Written by: Vanessa Kings
Series: Stories of the Fairy of my Dreams
Sequence in Series: 1
Paperback: 230 pages
Publication Date: December 24, 2014
Rating: 4.5 Stars
ISBN-10: 1497356954
ISBN-13: 978-1497356955
Genre: Teen | Fantasy
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Melanie is living an ordinary, boring life when one night she is transported in her dreams to the Kingdom of Astebeth. Night after night, the fairy of her dreams will tell her the stories of the inhabitants of the Kingdom, its town, and the magical Nocturnal Forest nearby. A forest full of magical creatures where the impossible can happen. Soon, she comes to suspect that her dreams may not only be dreams after all. Follow her on her incredible journeys that will take her to magical places and beyond Earth itself to discover the magical secret of the Nocturnal Forest in the first part of The Fairy of my Dreams trilogy.

Chronicles of the Nocturnal Forest (Stories of the Fairy of my Dreams, #1)My Review:
Chronicles of the Nocturnal Forest by Vanessa Kings

Melanie is trying her best to traverse adolescences but she is struggling with growing and social pains. She is a victim of bullying at school and having difficulties with her parental relationships... Her only reprieve is the strange dreams she is having..dreams that are whisking her away to Astebeth, a fairy tale land.

Picturesque dreamscape storytelling with Mel discovering love and betrayal, help develop this vivid tale. For me, I did wished she somehow got pulled into this world of Astebeth completely and it wasn't a telling as dreams but in the end it complete pulled me and and worked for me.

Chronicles of Nocturnal Forest is an example of beautiful storytelling. I feel anyone who experienced becoming a young woman will find this story appealing as well as young readers.

I received a copy of Chronicles of the Nocturnal Forest from Vanessa Kings in exchange for a honest review.

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  1. This sounds like the perfect for my little sister who is currently twelve and going through the stage of growing up herself. She loves to read so I will definitely recommend this one to her!