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Determined by Elizabeth Brown (Determined, #1)

by Elizabeth Brown

My rating: 4 stars

Trilogy: Determined - Book 1
Publication Date: December 3, 2014
Publisher: Elizabeth Brown
ISBN: 1505667542
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Print Length: 153 pages
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David Keith had an incredible power over me. From the moment we met, it was electric. There was a pull that neither of us could deny. I wanted him. I needed him now like air or water. I was addicted. I knew it was dangerous to hope I was different than all the other women, but I couldn't help it.
Samantha Sharp always knew her direction in life. Do well in school, attend a top university, graduate with honors. Having secured a plum gallery job right after graduation, she was well on her way to accomplishing her goals. Then a chance meeting with a stranger made her question her entire life’s course. David Keith was hot. And successful. And on every woman's wish list.
For the first time, success wasn't the only thing on Samantha’s mind. Would this distraction be her undoing?

Determined (Determined #1)My Review
Determined by Elizabeth Brown

Life: make a plan, set some goals and attain them, right? How was Samantha to know that her life train would be completely derailed by one sexy, successful and filthy rich walking sex-on-a-stick man, David Keith. How could one man overwhelm her senses so completely and blur her self-imposed focus so easily? How could one woman, unlike anyone he has known, knocked the wind out of his alpha sails?

Determined by Elizabeth Brown is sensual, earthy and hot enough to send lava into a meltdown! Samantha is a woman who enjoys her life, shares her time and her confident attitude about life shows, but a chance meeting with uber-alpha David begins a dangerous dance around the flames of love and trust, while straddling a line of over protectiveness, possession and obsession. Will past turmoil and pain choke their relationship? Will the sins of another interfere with what they could have? Can Samantha withstand the tsunami of David’s feelings? Insecurity knows no financial status.

Elizabeth Brown wastes no time in developing her characters and making sure they are night and day opposites in so many ways as she allows Samantha to tell this tale from her point of view. It was easy to feel what went through Samantha’s head and heart a she feel deeper in lust and then love with David. Ms. Brown isn’t afraid to make David a little over -the-top in his controlling ways, sometimes making him a little less than likable, because she made sure his best sides came through, also. Kind of like reality on steroids! She knows how to write steamy scenes with an earthy manner about them that gives a raw and sensual feel while never neglecting a plot that is sure to keep her readers glued to each page. Talk about two worlds colliding in an inferno of blazing glory!

I received this copy from Elizabeth Brown in exchange for my honest review.

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