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Determined to Love by Elizabeth Brown (Determined, #2)

Determined: To Love
by Elizabeth Brown

My rating: 4 stars

Trilogy: Determined - Book 2
Publication Date: January 26, 2015
Publisher: Elizabeth Brown
ISBN: 1505879558
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Print Length: 160 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


His sister told me I was special.
Jenna had been abnormally interested in our relationship since the get-go. And for good reason. Despite being unbelievably hot, rich, and powerful, her billionaire brother had always managed to avoid dating anyone seriously. I was quite the novelty in the Keith household.

My best friend told me I was lucky.
But I had to remind myself this wasn’t luck. David Keith had pursued me like an animal hunting it’s meal. Manipulating events, practically stalking me at parties— but honestly I was just as obsessed. We were addicted to each other and it felt so good.

Then I found out about her. And my entire world turned upside-down.

Determined: To Love (Determined Trilogy, #2)My Review
Determined to Love by Elizabeth Brown

What could be better than a steamy romance between two people who met by chance and the stars seemed to have aligned for them perfectly? How about a “Part 2?” Just in case you are starting to regain your regular breathing from Determined by Elizabeth Brown, she has come out with Determined: To Love and we are thrust back into the tropical heat of the romance between Samantha and David. Can their relationship survive interference from exes, past ghosts or doubt? Love is put to the test when Samantha discovers some hidden truths about David? Is she just a replacement for another lost love or is she the real deal that outshines all others? Will David even understand her feelings? If love can feel so good, how come it can also cause such pain and confusion? Samantha is willing to hear David out, but is he prepared to dish? At a crossroads, even their physical passion may not hold the power to keep them together?

Once again, Elizabeth Brown brings passion and romance to life with a blow torch. She has added just enough conflict to keep the pages from burning up as Samantha once again, shows the grace and maturity of a strong woman being threatened by unseen enemies. For a man who NEEDS to control, David still needs to learn to trust and expose himself, warts and all. Deeper and more emotionally jarring, with a touch of intrigue, Ms. Brown has once again, created earthy and passionate love and romance.

I received this copy from Elizabeth Brown in exchange for my honest review.

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