Monday, February 23, 2015

Excellence at Work by Hina Tabassum

Excellence at Work
by Hina Tabassum

My rating: 5 stars

Published: September 3, 2014
Publisher: Hina Tabassum
Print Length: 18 pages
Available from: Smashwords FREE


Amanda Watson, a private detective, is as dedicated to her work as one can be. It is not just a job for her but her passion to find the missing clues and pieces to solve the mysteries presented to her. There may be hurdles in her way but she has always believed that if one is determined enough, one can even reach beyond the skies.

Excellence at Work
My Review
Excellence at Work by Hina Tabassum 

Talk about a hook into what I sincerely hope is more from Hina Tabassum! Excellence at Work is a glimpse into the life of a hardened private detective, who discovers that an unscrupulous competitor is using her work to gain favor with a client. Personally, I wouldn’t mess with Amanda Watson, the woman comes across as a powerhouse unafraid to bulldoze anyone who gets in her way. Give me a strong heroine any day and I’m on board!

Hina Tabassum has built a world, developed a character and hopefully set the stage for more to come! Looking for a woman with a great sense of work ethics, unafraid to speak out? Check out Excellence at Work and you’ll see why Hina Tabassum NEEDS to give us more. My ONLY complaint? I don't have more from this author to read.

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