Thursday, February 26, 2015

Fractured: Volume Three by Alexis Noelle (Fractured Serials #3)

Fractured: Volume Three
by Alexis Noelle

My rating: 4 stars


Is it possible to want to live two different lives at the same time?
To have your heart and mind completely divided without a clear path?
What do you do when you have to choose between your past, and your present?
Can you cast one aside for the other?
Is it possible to find your happiness once the dust settles, or will you be left all alone.

Fractured: Volume Three (Fractured, #3)My Review
Fractured: Volume Three by Alexis Noelle

What if your most heart-felt dream became a reality and that reality became a nightmare? Cam, presumed dead for months, returns, a bitter and damaged man who made a bargain with the devil to keep his promise to Shay. His soul is coated in the blood of those he has killed, but when he arrived home, unannounced hoping for healing and the loving arms of Shay, what he finds pushes him over the edge.

Shay has fallen for his best friend, but her love for Cam still scorches her heart. A choice must be made, but is Shay capable of choosing between the shadow of the man Cam was or the future she has planned for with Jacob? Decisions must be made, but life has a way of making them seem impossible to live with until Fate steps in.

Fractured: Volume Three by Alexis Noelle is probably the most emotionally gut wrenching of this series. Ms. Noelle has a brittle and brutal style that asks no one’s approval as she steers us down a barbed path of love, loss, second chances and a tsunami of conflict. There is no hero, no villain, this is life at its most raw. Did I like all of the characters all of the time? No. Do I think the characters all got what they needed, wanted or deserved? No. Do I know what the proper ending should be? Nope, I can’t reconcile it in my mind. Was I glued to each word, feeling every single thing down to my soul? Yes. Ms. Noelle has provided more thought provoking reading in these short novellas than many tomes of vastly greater length and depth. She has exposed the human heart, mind and soul, completely.

I received this ARC edition from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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