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Immortal Flame by Jillian David (Hell to Pay, #1)

Immortal Flame
by Jillian David

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Hell to Pay - Book 1
Publication Date: February 2, 2015
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Print Length: 212 pages
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World War II veteran Peter Blackstone traded his soul so that his wife could live. That was 1945. Since then, Peter has lived an unnaturally long life as a hired killer, providing the life forces upon which Jerahmeel feeds to survive.
Doctor Allison La Croix has a big problem. She randomly sees people’s deaths. She has longed to be free of her twisted "gift" to live a normal life without fear of predicting yet another loved one's demise.

After a horrific accident, a severely injured Peter arrives in Allison’s ER. The vision Allison experiences when she touches him nearly kills her. He teaches her to block these devastating episodes as she finds a way to unlock his forgotten, passionate soul.
But Jerahmeel’s minion has orders to destroy Peter and anyone he loves. Will Peter’s and Allison’s shattered souls survive the devious plan? Or could their love save them both? Someone will have hell to pay.

Immortal FlameMy Review
Immortal Flame by Jillian David  

What would you do to save a loved one? Peter Blackstone, survived World War II to come home to the love of his life. Newly married, Peter discovers that the hell of war was nothing compared to the knowledge that his wife was dying and nothing could be done for her. Shattered and broken, when a man approached him saying he could save his wife, if Peter was willing to pay the price, having little faith the man could deliver. When his wife miraculously survived and healed, Peter learned he had made a deal with the devil and his punishment could last an eternity as his existence was wiped from his bride’s mind. He has just become a disciple to the devil and death after death will be on his hands.

Fast forward a few decades to Dr. Allison LaCroix, a tortured woman who can “see” people’s deaths. Their paths cross in the emergency room when Peter is brought in after a horrendous accident. One touch and Allison has seen all of the deaths Peter has caused, but there is goodness in him, in spite of the monster he has become. Has Peter been given another chance at love? Too bad this doesn’t work for his master, Jerahmeel , who sends his minions to destroy Peter and those he cares about. If only Peter could find that one great kill that will free him, but will he find it in time or will he lose another love to death? With the help of others like him, he just might do it, or cause their deaths, too.

Jillian David’s Immortal Flame is a dark and gritty tale shadowed by the devil, himself. Peter is a strong, yet damaged character, ready to give up on what passes for his life, but finding Allison gives him a reason to want to be free and to live once again. Jerahmeel is a typical bad guy, haughty, deceitful and full of himself, but his “charm” is completely overshadowed by Peter’s friends and fellow pawns who bring a little lighthearted snark and attitude to the table. There is an atmosphere created by Ms. David that feels heavy, tense and dangerous, yet the pacing is even and enticing to follow. Ms. David has given her tale’s version of dealing with the devil a new twist that feels contemporary and fresh, making it a great escape for a few hours, just do NOT expect fluff. I for one, look forward to more from this author, who seems to enjoy the dark side of the street where things go bump in the night.

I received this copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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