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Light of Lorelei by Jen Minkman (Tales of Skylge, #2)

Light Of Lorelei
by Jen Minkman

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Tales of Skylge - Book 2
Publication Date: January 29, 2015
Publisher: Dutch Venture Publishing
Genre: YA Fantasy
Print Length: 134 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


There is no light without shadow,
no truth without sacrifice,
and no way to keep us all from harm.

Aska wants more out of life than being a temple girl in the St. Brandan Convent of Brandaris. Her life-long service to the Baeles-Weards is the only reason she wasn’t killed immediately after birth – she is atoning for the sins of her parents. Her Anglian mother and Skylger father were never supposed to love each other and have children, and Aska is reminded of her low status and illegitimacy by her fellow temple girls every day.

But then she meets Tjalling, a young, mysterious, and charming Skylger fisherman who doesn’t seem to care that he is not supposed to befriend her. Soon after they meet, the island falls prey to the largest Siren attack in the history of Skylge and Aska is beginning to doubt the wisdom of the priests. If the Light in the Tower really keeps the people from harm, why are the Shriekers taking more and more lives each day?

Adding to her inner turmoil is a secret meeting with Royce and Enna, who want to recruit her into their resistance movement, an unexpected confession from her best friend Melinda, and Aska’s realization that she likes Tjalling a bit too much for her own good.

Soon, she is going down a road there is no turning back from, forcing her to make choices that shake the foundations of her world.
For Aska, there is only one true choice – to bring the truth to light.

Light Of Lorelei (Tales of Skylge #2)My Review
Light of Lorelei by Jen Minkman

They say the truth shall set you free, and for young Aska, a temple girl shackled to a life that was forced upon her simply for being born of a forbidden love, has spent a lifetime being emotionally and physically taunted by her fellow temple girls. Yep, the very ones who should be displaying grace and kindness and piety. Her only solace has been sneaking out to walk the shores at night, alone until she meets a mysterious fisherman who keeps showing up in her life.

Aska dreams of love, of being kissed, but her life as a temple girl forbids it, but Tjalling has captured her imagination and quite possibly her young heart. When the sirens attack the island, carrying off more and more victims of their songs, even the Light in the Tower, song and prayres cannot save the islanders from grief and fear. Why are the Sirens attacking more often? Why do their faces seem just “wrong?” is there something more sinister going on that only those in power know?

Aska begins a quest to discover untold truths, and possibly the answers to the pain of the Sirens. With friends from the shadows who believe as she does, Aska’s life will take a turn into a world of danger and deceit from those who should be trusted. As she uncovers each layer of manipulation, she discovers the truth of her birth, the true identity of Tjalling and a chance for a life filled with the joy she has never known. But first, they all must survive. In a world where people are taught to fear change, or seek answers, and only follow the ways of the past, the segregation of the people and the cruelty of small minds and hearts, Aska and her allies will risk everything for the truth.

Light of Lorelei by Jen Minkman goes beyond mere writing and into the realm of beautiful storytelling. Her fantasies are filled with scenes that come alive with lapping waves, deep emotion and characters that almost seem to speak their thoughts out loud. Great dialogue, a touch of young romance, and a dark and sinister mystery come to life through her words. There is an atmosphere that feels almost magical as we are transported into the world of Skylge.


  1. This sounds like a great book! The first book is called Takes of Skylge, right? Do you have a review for the first book?

    1. The first book is called Sound of Sirens :) And the series is called Tales of Skylge because the name of the Dutch island it is set on is Skylge.

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