Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Psychaotic By Irum Zahra

See The World In Red And Black
by Irum Zahra

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: January 5, 2015
Publisher: Irum Zahra
ISBN-13: 9781503266018
Genre: Literature - Poetry
Print Length: 144 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Psychaotic is not a happy song. It's a collection of poetry and passages that depict struggle of a human mind with it's veiled and untamed nature. It show how far we can go if we incline ourselves to that side and how much we are willing to give up.

Psychaotic tells you the harsh realities of life rather than filling your head with fantasies and dreams that will never happen.

In that reality check, this book will change how you think about certain things. It will tell you, that wrongs can be right and right can be wrongs as well as, bad can be good and good can turn out to be bad.

Psychaotic journeys through mind of a sad soul who is inclined towards the dark side to find escape from the horrors of life. It mirrors the struggle between illusion and reality and guides the true self into the mountains of hallucination.

This book is for the misunderstood, the bipolar insane people who veil themselves with sanity masks.
It is for you, the reader, who is away from his own self.

My Review
Psychaotic By Irum Zahra

When authors share their work with the public, they are baring their hearts and imaginations to the scrutiny of public opinion. When a poet shares their work, their very soul is flayed open, their inner feelings are exposed and this very personal reveal is often too intense for most readers who fail to look beyond the printed words and to feel the atmosphere the author has created or the message they are sharing from the heart. You don’t need to agree, but look carefully. When the mystery of one poem is unlocked, the others seem to fall in place.

Psychaotic: See the World in Red and Black by Irum Zahra is not a sweet read filled with happy puppies and brilliant sunshine, but a dark look at humanity, emotions at their most raw, perhaps emotions the author is feeling, perhaps emotions all humanity feels at one time or the other. Ms. Zahra has dug deep and opened a well of thoughts that, if read with an open mind are true reflections of slices of life, dark realities, self-destructive behavior and opens an avenue to see that inner turmoil is not unique. I do not believe Ms. Zahra wishes to depress or shroud our individual outlook on life, but to merely point out one side or outlook that fills the soul with pain, thereby allowing us to take our own inventory and choose the path to any number of improvements, both within or in the world around us. If you see yourself or someone you know, even if only in a line or two, than you have understood the words on the page.

I found her style to be thought-provoking and I admit, it took me a few pages to grasp more than the words. Re-reading those pages was a different experience. If you have never felt the urge to read or have not found enjoyment in poetry, clipped prose, perhaps now is the time to take another look-one page at a time.

I received this review copy from Irum Zahra in exchange for my honest review.

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