Friday, February 6, 2015

Savage Bytes by Sarah Makela (Hacked Investigations, #2)

Savage Bytes
by Sarah Mäkelä

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Hacked Investigations - Book 2
Publication Date: January 19, 2015
Publisher: Kissa Press LLC
Genre: Sci-fi | Fantasy
Print Length: 84 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


If they don't work together, they may be torn apart...

Private investigator Hannah Franklin has a new partner, her lover and technomage, Ian Bradley. But they may be in over their heads when brought in by their friend from the hospital to quietly solve a case that baffles even the police. The victims are being murdered in a ritualistic fashion with their blood drained and organs removed.

When Ian's attention narrows solely to their work, he'll need to keep their relationship strong, or he could find himself repeating a painful past.

Savage Bytes (Hacked Investigations, #2)My Review
Savage Bytes by Sarah Makela

Are there vampires on the loose? Is their favorite dining spot the local hospital or is there something far less Vlad and far more techno-insane going on? PI Hannah Franklin and technomage Ian Bradley have taken the case in an effort to keep things hush-hush until the case is solved. Face it, how confident would you be in a hospital whose patients end up drained and eviscerated? Who is doing the killing and why? Can people be scientifically given a new lease on life? Is this the future’s version of the Fountain of Youth? Is someone recycling bio-organs before the first user is finished?

Driven by the chase, intrigued by the challenge and determined to outwit these monsters, Ian may come up against the challenge of his life when he discovers another technomage exists. He also may lose the love of his life if he doesn’t cut with the tunnel vision.

Meanwhile, poor Hannah is even getting used to dealing with Bernard the Peeping Tom Gnome. Gah! Brilliant, talented and magical, not to mention hot as asphalt in the desert sun, Ian may rue the day they took this case if he doesn’t put some effort into his relationship.

Savage Bytes by Sarah Makela carries all of her signature snark, wry humor, danger and epic imagination as she puts her characters through their paces. Ian and Hannah have a chance at their version of happy ever after and Bernard, well he continues to be like that unseen sliver you can’t get out. Another great read filled with all things funny, deadly and a little creepy, while the sizzling romance is, well, sizzling! I loved it!

I received this copy as part of the Savage Bytes Tour.

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