Monday, February 16, 2015

Stop by Scarlett Dawn (Cold Mark, #3)

by Scarlett Dawn

My rating: 4 stars

Series - Cold Mark - Book 3
Publication Date: February 4, 2015
Publisher: Scarlett Dawn
Genre: Romantic Sci-Fi
Print Length: 58 pages
Available from: Amazon


Braita Valorn is stuck. She has no real freedom, her existence dependent on what the men of Triaz decide. Her fate is not her own. But she desperately wants it to be and will do anything to make it so.

When a chance to make her own choices arises, she does what she must. Hard choices of theft end as a careless endeavor, leaving her life on the line. Will the men in her life come to stop her downfall or will they come for retribution?

Stop (Cold Mark, #3)My Review
Stop by Scarlett Dawn

Hasn’t following the perils of Braita been one heck of a ride? Our brash and brave heroine is still at the mercy of the men of Triaz, but she does give them a run for their money as she finds little ways to test both her limits and theirs. Braita almost seems like she is acting like a willful child at times, is it part of her plan for escape? How has Braita tamed the warrior plumas? Does someone have a secret to divulge? How will Braita be affected? Has she taking her daring hopes of escape too far? A woman as independent as Braita can only take so much fawning, or has she found these plumas have come to mean something special to her?

Stop by Scarlett Dawn is the third installment of this novella series, quick, intense and filled with some humor and outright quirkiness, there is never a dull moment when Ms. Dawn takes pencil to paper. Braita’s reactions to little surprises are priceless, and the way she handles her keepers? Kind of make one wonder who is the captive and who isn’t, well, except for the fact that Braita isn’t allowed to go home. Great writing, fast pace and a lot of story for a quick read! Will the next installment be the end of this roller coaster?

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