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The Keeper of the Wind by Mark A. Shaw

The Keeper Of The Wind
by Mark Shaw

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: January 31, 2014
Publisher: lillie Publishing
Genre: YA Fantasy/Adventure
Print Length: 196 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


When a trio of high school seniors list three ancient artifacts for sale on eBay, professor and archeologist of native artifacts, Mitch Waters, believes he hit the jackpot. But is he concerned more with historical preservation or his own fame and fortune?

Author Mark A. Shaw brings together an unlikely yet entertaining trio of high school seniors, each of a different race and upbringing, who are separated from their senior class during a high school camping trip. On their own in the wilderness, they come across three authentic artifacts in a hidden cave.

The events that unfold once they return to safety and attempt to sell their newfound treasures on eBay intersect modern with ancient worlds, superstition with truth, and trust with trickery. In the tradition of children’s literature classics, The Keeper of the Wind takes readers on a magical and enthralling journey, along which three best friends learn the true meaning of friendship, teamwork, and perseverance.

This page-turning read introduces Mark A. Shaw as a powerful up-and-coming young adult fiction novelist, leaving readers to wonder: Will there be a sequel?

The Keeper Of The WindMy Review
Keeper of the Wind by Mark A. Shaw

With all of the youthful and daring curiosity of normal teens, Marcus, Olivia and Tim “sort of” break camp rules and begin an adventure that will take them through caves, danger and a world of Native American spirits, legends and artifacts filled with the power to destroy or rescue the world. Unaware of what lay ahead for them, one fateful fall, will open a cavern with ancient artifacts of power and each will connect with one of these three teens.

So, do they sell them on eBay? Get them appraised and authenticated? Show them to an expert in Native American culture? Approached by a scholar only wishing to help and find more relics, the kids wonder if he can be trusted. When another, darker entity comes forward and offers them hard cash for these finds, the adventure through history, time and realms begins as they must stand up to evil with the help of ancient warriors and their priceless finds.

Directed at a younger teen audience, the fantasy and sense of mystery surrounding The Keeper of the Wind is a fascinating leap out of reality and into a tale that feels magically real and exciting! Mark A. Shaw has unleashed the power of his pen and creates a world that comes alive all around his readers. What better way to create future readers than to build a world a child or young adult can relate to while giving them the tools to enter into a realm of imagination and the ultimate battle between good and evil? Face it, we all have dreamed of being a larger than life hero at one time or another, and The Keeper of the Wind lets us to that from the safety of our imagination. Hopefully there is more coming from the rich well of Mr. Shaw’s mind, because I want to take another ride!

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