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The Secret DNA Code by Michael Don Fess

The Secret DNA Code
by Michael Don Fess

My rating: 3 stars

Publication Date: August 8, 2014
Genre: YA Mystery/Sci-Fi
Age Level: 12 - 18
Page Count: 214
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Graduate students try to decode the history of the universe they think is encoded in our DNA. Fanatic fundamentalists learn of the project and try to stop them at any cost. The mystery, propelled by a foreign embassy, deepens as the FBI and the NSA become involved in trying to protect the researchers. A hired assassin keeps the action going fast and furious.
Several Archaeologists, Physicists, and Astronomers have theorized that a highly intelligent species came to our planet thousands of years ago, manipulated our genes to jump-start our civilization, and encoded the history of the universe in our DNA.
Recent successes with gene splicing and DNA encoding by research teams around the world have given new credibility to these theories. Graduate students in this novel, having curious minds, set out to decode that history using nano-technology and the help of a super computer at their university.
Islamic fanatics learn of this effort and realize the potential problems this research could create for their political control over millions of followers. They resolve to murder these researchers before they succeed in their ground breaking effort. In spite of the FBI and the NSA, the international alliance assassinates some of the participants in “The Secret DNA Code.”

The Secret DNA CodeMy Review
The Secret DNA Code by Michael Don Fess

Is it possible that hidden deep within our DNA code is the history of the universe? Could aliens be responsible for life on Earth? Scientists are rapidly decoding and genetically splicing our DNA. What driven and deeply curious young scientist or grad student could resist the pull to be “THE ONE” to make a stunning theory become a known fact? Think where that would put them! With fame and discovery come danger and espionage of the deadliest kind. Government agencies may know more than they let on. Foreign spies and assassins may be lurking in the shadows. How can two young, brilliant and na├»ve students expect to do what no other scientist has been able to do without repercussions? What does this mean to countries that use religious beliefs to keep their people together? Will this topple the sanctity of religion everywhere or will it lend credence to some believers’ ideals while quashing centuries of faith for others?

The Secret DNA Code by Michael Don Fess certainly raises some fascinating questions while infusing intrigue and a bit of humor into his sci-fi thriller. At times his main characters take on a decidedly “Absent-minded Professor” vibe, although their genius is clear. Nano technology to explore the past? Great idea, the thing sci-fi is made for. Each page and each scene flow smoothly as each new wrinkle is introduced. Bumbling assassins? Good thing or this tale would have been over long ago! Government agencies allowing anti-American threats into the country? Obviously not a new concept, or fantasy. A mad scramble to be the sole holder of this information? Of course, this is world altering news!

Michal Don Fess has an excellent tale to tell and does a good job with it, keeping it understandable, easy to read and imagine, although sometimes, I think the dialogue was a little too slanted or simple or inflammatory. In a world where political correctness or a lack of brings cries of foul, I was slightly disappointed in some dialogue. The premise of this tale is fabulous, love a thriller with that unknown factor, and DNA is, well, one of the last great frontiers!

I received a review copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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