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The Subtle Beauty by Ann Hunter

The Subtle Beauty
by Ann Hunter

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: January 2, 2014
Publisher: Afterglow Productions
Genre: Fantasy
Print Length: 170 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


A cursed prince. A vain beauty. Glory is the seventh daughter of Balthazar, High King of the Twelve Kingdoms. Glory hopes that - of all her sisters - she can escape the fate of a loveless marriage. But on the night she plans to elope with the royal falconer, her world comes crashing down: Her father announces Glory's betrothal to Eoghan of the Blood Realm - a prince no one has ever seen. The prince is said to be a recluse, cursed and deformed by the gods for the sins of his power-hungry father. Yet when Glory is trapped in Blackthorn Keep she discovers that not everything is what she expected. An insulting gryphon, a persistent ghost, and a secret plan to usurp the prince keep Glory reeling.

In this retelling of BEAUTY & THE BEAST, can Glory overcome her vanity to learn that what she wants isn’t what she needs—and save the cursed prince?

The Subtle BeautyMy Review
The Subtle Beauty by Ann Hunter

Woman, vanity be thy name, and young Glory, the most beautiful daughter of the High King of the Twelve Kingdoms, wants nothing more than to find even more beauty in a marriage of love. Is it meant to be? Her father has announced she will wed a prince no one has seen, a hideously deformed recluse, cursed for the sins of his father. Why should a woman as beautiful as Glory be forced into a loveless marriage to a monster?

Sent to the prince’s keep, she awaits his audience, and awaits and awaits, only to be constantly insulted by a gryphon who shows up daily to taunt her and her beauty. Not enough to ruin her day? A prince who, she figures does not what he is missing, basking her beauty, never comes to her, a ghost does, and oh yes, the gryphon. But something changes when the gryphon saves her life and trusts her with his secret. Does she soften to him or is he becoming less tiresome? He is, after all the only being who seems interested in her at the keep. Only after she can no longer see him, does she realize what he had done for her and to her. Has he shown her the error of her ways and taught her about beauty on the inside?

Ann Hunter never fails to tell a good fairytale while putting her own quirky and edgy spin on it.The Subtle Beautyis filled with characters you aren’t sure you like all the time, hey sometimes nothing is better than blurred lines when it comes to heroines and heroes, right? A tale of pain and vanity with a lesson in humility and what true love is, Ms. Hunter also manages to point out where it comes from. Sigh-worthy in its own way, magical and definitely not a fairytale from your childhood, it’s always good to be reminded that gryphons really do exist in some land, far, far away.

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