Monday, February 9, 2015

Unearthed by Brian Clopper & Keith Robinson (Fractured, #2)

by Keith Robinson & Brian Clopper

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Fractured - Book 2
Publication Date: January 25, 2015
Publisher: Apparatum Books
Genre: Middlegrade/YA Fantasy
Print Length: 338 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Kyle and Logan long to return to their families – or, better still, bring both worlds into phase so they can all be together.

With Abe Torren's help, perhaps they can do just that.

Tunnels have been discovered deep below the enclaves and under the city. Within the darkness are signs of a lost civilization. But according to Abe, it isn't lost at all. In fact it's the third phase of Apparatum, very much alive today and filled with untethered spirits.

Only these spirits are flesh-and-blood creatures...

Unearthed (Fractured Book 2)My Review
Unearthed by Brian Clopper & Keith Robinson

Nothing says,” Read me, you’re going to love me,” like knowing that an author (or two) has created a fantasy directed at middlegrade readers on up that is age appropriate, contemporary in its atmosphere and full of over-the-top adventure! Is it the part of me that wants to believe in unlikely heroes, the power of imagination and youth? Or maybe I just like great writing that plops me down in the middle of the action and I get to run and scrap my knees again, without the pain, of course. Who knows?

What I do know is that Brian Clopper and Keith Robinson have combined their talents and created a world of fantasy that is about kids FOR kids. Unearthed continues the tale of two brothers, Kyle and Logan, misfits in Apparatum as they undertake a quest to set things right in a world that has lost sight of its humanity, kindness and acceptance of those who are different in the need for power and control.

Now far from home, the brothers are thrown into a world underground, where the spirits live free, unlike those who are tethered to humans to do their bidding. Are they really so different than humans? Has this ancient civilization been brought to its knees intentionally by someone? Who is Abe Torren? A man? A myth? A crusader to help bring all of Apparatum together to live in peace and equality?
The boys want to go home. To tell what they know, to change the world, but who would listen to two young boys? With their “team” of unlikely allies, they brave evil and the perils of the unknown, learning to work as a team and to care about others. Will they prove that heroes come in all sizes and shapes? That anyone can be a hero if they try? One thing for sure, this is an adventure of a lifetime, filled with quirky, scary and fascinating characters and scenes that run non-stop as these two boys attempt to defy the odds and create a united world. Will they succeed?

Keith Robinson and Brian Clopper have tossed in everything but the kitchen sink and younger readers are going to love it, actually ALL readers will find this escape into adventure to be amazing!

I received this copy from Brian Clopper in exchange for my honest review.

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