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Valguard: Knight of Coins: A Prologue to Ten of Swords by David N. Humphrey

Valguard: Knight of Coins:
 A prologue to Ten of Swords
by David N. Humphrey

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: January 28, 2015
Genre: Fantasy
Print Length: 35 pages
Available from: Amazon


A woman kidnapped by bandits. A mercenary sent alone to rescue her. Time is running out, the odds are against him and he must play a dangerous game to survive...

High up in the fells, a mercenary called Valguard pits himself against a band of vicious thieves and seemingly impossible odds on a daring night-time raid on a remote, fortified stronghold to rescue a hostage. Meanwhile, his employer, The Duke, waits at the border for news of the mission. Will he outwit the ruthless group of over twenty bandits known as The Cutters? Or has his luck ran out and this time he has sent his friend to a very bloody death?

The first Valguard book and prologue to the forthcoming novel ‘Ten of Swords’.

Valguard: Knight of Coins: A prologue to Ten of SwordsMy Review
Valguard: Knight of Coins by David N. Humphrey

The title of the first chapter,“His job was death,” and I am all in, waiting for those next words to thrill me or chill me. By the end, I’m hooked on the tale of Valguard, a mercenary on a mission. Valguard: Knight of Coins by David N. Humphrey at first glance looks to be the perfect dark prologue to the novel Ten of Swords. Will Valguard be all he is promised to be? I want to say yes, larger than life, confident and able to take on a band of brigands single-handedly. A little over the top? Not at all, Mr. Humphrey took only a few pages to set the stage for the big performance in his next book. I would have to say, mercenary or not, Valguard is a man of honor, driven, and a loner, but will he be able to stay on the right side of that dark line between good and evil? I’m sure his employer is banking on it.

Attention Dark Fantasy Fiends, there’s a new hero in town and his job is death. I’m looking forward to Ten of Swords and more from David N. Humphrey.

I received this copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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