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Words of the Past by Suren Hakobyan

Words of the Past
by Suren Hakobyan

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: December 28, 2014
Publisher: Suren Fant
Genre: Short Story \ Romance
Print Length: 43 pages
Available from: Amazon


You never know your deep desire.
How often do you remember your first love?

Mher is a successful writer. He's married and has a son. Everything seems to be going as he planned, everything until he gets a message from his friend, Arsen.

"Have you seen the comment on the photo?"

He hasn't seen the woman who wrote the comment for twelve years. He hasn't looked into her beautiful eyes since his graduation party.

She was the first person Mher ever loved. He put her out of his head a long time ago, but his feelings for her never left. They were buried deep, but now they've been unlocked by a simple comment.

My Review
Words of the Past by Suren Hakobyan

Picture this, you are a happily married man, you have a great career, a beautiful child and loving wife, but in the back of your mind, you never quite got over your first love. Is this a fantasy you have allowed to grow out of proportion or was that girl back in school really ‘the one?’ When a message from a friend says Ellen has gotten in touch with him, Mher’s mind travels back to his youth, a time when things were simpler and life seemed bright and shiny, including young Ellen. With his memories fresh and slanted to only what he chooses to remember, his class reunion is coming and Ellen will be there. Will their first meeting in twelve years finally settle the questions in their hearts or will the pain of the loss of their relationship be scraped raw again? Will they take a walk down memory lane like two good friends or will they give in to one night to hold on to for the rest of their lives?

Words of the Past by Suren Hakobyan is a bittersweet story of love, loss of control and allowing temptation to rule your actions. Is it that far from true reality? Is it a statement of the weakness of the human character when personal gratification trumps honor, trust and the vows of fidelity in a marriage.

Suren Hakobyan has built an almost dreamlike state into the world he has created, as if the characters have disconnected from life for a few fleeting moments, older, changed, yet still caught up in unfinished emotions of the past. Nowhere does he ask us to agree with the actions of his characters, but his presentation makes it seem all too easy to believe and feel some emotion towards these characters.

They are not villains, but they have strayed over a line that has potential for total devastation. I wondered, would they live with their actions by cherishing them or will guilt cause them to confess and beg for forgiveness. What would you do?
Thought provoking, emotionally charged, this short tale out-paces longer tomes for impact by far.

 I received this copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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