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A Woman Ignored by T.B. Markinson (A Woman Lost, #2)

A Woman Ignored
by T.B. Markinson

My rating: 5 stars

Series: A Woman Lost - Book 2
Publication Date: February 23, 2015
Publisher: T. B. Markinson
Genre: Contemporary Romance \ Lesbian Romance \ Dysfunctional Family
Print Length: 173 pages
Available from: Amazon


Historian Lizzie Petrie remains nothing more than a lesbian in her bitter mother’s eyes. The suppressed hurt of that superficial assessment means she still catches herself off guard when thinking of Sarah as her wife. The couple has endured the fallout of Lizzie’s insecurities and set-up house in Fort Collins, Colorado. Now their relationship is about to be tested again.

When her wife announces she wants to have a baby, Lizzie panics. A baby? The thought of sucking an egg from her ovary and implanting the resulting embryo into Sarah’s womb terrifies her. Lizzie constantly worries if she’ll make a good mother.

Just when she starts to make peace with the idea, Lizzie’s estranged family enters her life again. The news is anything but good, and she finds herself wondering how to make amends with her aloof mother, stranger of a father, and self-centered brother.

Deep down, Lizzie is more loving and caring than she ever gives herself credit. Sometimes it takes a tragedy to open a woman’s eyes to her full potential. But at what price?

A Woman Ignored (A Woman Lost, #2)My Review
A Woman Ignored by T.B. Markinson 

Always feeling like the family outcast, the day Lizzie let her family know she was a lesbian, was the day they turned their backs on her. Now married to her love, Sarah, life is almost dreamlike, their relationship is strong, thanks to Sarah’s kind and understanding ways that make up Lizzie’s being. Things are great, right? They are a couple, legally bound, just the two of them, and that suits Lizzie fine. Who would have thought Sarah would drop the “I want your baby” bombshell! Lizzie is still reeling from that revelation when she gets sucker-punched by a call from her father, a man she hardly knows anymore. The news is bleak and Lizzie is expected to “do the right thing” and help the one woman who turned her back and heart away from Lizzie, her brutally cruel mother.

Enter her narcissistic brother, the master of his own universe, who has decided to marry a fluffy, but beautiful younger woman. Even her best friends cannot bring her around to thinking positive thoughts about ANYTHING going on in her life, right now. Will Lizzie tame her insecurities long enough to see what Sarah having a baby means in their relationship? After that, does anything else matter?

A Woman Ignored by T. B. Markinson is a humorous, heartbreaking and sometimes brutal slice of Lizzie’s life, and her finally learning to be secure enough in herself to accept love from others, and learn to leave the bitterness behind. Those who cannot accept her are bringing her down and it isn’t her problem. T.B. Markinson’s strife-filled world and the characters she has filled it with could be a tale of any conflicted person who has felt insecure and unworthy of love in a dysfunctional family. By bringing the lesbian slant into the mix, she has put a brutal spotlight on the lives of those who choose a different lifestyle than the majority of the world who, never having walked in their shoes, fail to see that people are more alike than we would care to admit. Meanwhile, Lizzie’s humor and attitude is priceless, simply priceless!

Completely entertaining series so far, and I am looking forward to the next phase of Lizzie’s life!

I received this copy from T. B. Markinson in exchange for my honest review.

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