Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Anomie by Jeffrey Lockwood

by Jeffrey Lockwood

My rating: 5 stars

Expected publication: April 7th 2015
Publisher: Havard Square Editions
ISBN13 9781941861028
Genre: Adult Fiction \ Suspense
Paperback, 236 pages


After a series of tragic events, Michael, a middle-aged university professor and writer, finds
himself teaching English in China. Through myriad experiences, Michael struggles to cope
with his losses. Anomie is a gripping, beautifully written, spiritual story of loss, forgiveness,
and hope.
Adult readers, especially those interested in expat experiences, multiculturalism, and the
paranormal, and other such current issues as race relations, employment, gun control, and
education, will find Anomie thought-provoking.
Author Jeffrey Lockwood draws from his rural upbringing, his sense of place and worldview,
and his foreign experiences to tell this story of Anomie.

AnomieMy Review
Anomie by Jeffrey Lockwood

Caught up in feelings of anxiety and of being disconnected from the world, Michael, a professor and writer, wanders through life like a ship adrift. Tragic events in his life begin to overwhelm his mind, heart, and very soul as he barrels headlong into a life of pain, loss and addiction. Hoping to outrun his demons, Michael takes a position in China, instructing robotic students who rarely understand, or grasp the pearls of wisdom he imparts.

Suspect as a typical American unable to find a respectable position, he becomes just another foreigner looked down upon by many citizens of China and a ticket to provide the Great American Dream to young women trying to escape the traditions of their country.

Drowning in a Tsunami of guilt for events that were out of his control, he feels unworthy of respect, shuns companionship and uses sex and alcohol as his prophylactics for the pain. Michael must come to terms with the admission that he does belong somewhere; he does have a home for his soul. He was the one who uprooted himself, casting his soul adrift, but will he grasp that final straw of redemption or will he continue to punish himself by withholding what he really needs?

Anomie by Jeffrey Lockwood will burrow into your heart and mind as you are witness to the emotional and mental disconnect of a man raised to respect his Native American culture, excelled in his educational pursuits, loved and lost and failed to see all that he had. Jeffrey Lockwood has created a dark tale of one man lost in a world of individuals who he fails to see are struggling as hard as he is to find true happiness. Rich in detail, filled with unique characters, many of whom are skilled at deceit or are self-serving in their generosity, Anomie is a slice of life in a world disillusioned by changing morals and standards.

Far from light reading, this tale will stay with the reader as every nuance is explored.

I received an ARC edition from Jeffrey Lockwood in exchange for my honest review.

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