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Beyond Reach by Siobhan Davis ( True Calling, #2)

Beyond Reach
by Siobhan Davis

My rating: 5 stars

Series: True Calling - Book 2
Publication Date: April 30, 2015
Publisher: Siobhan Davis
Genre: YA Fantasy/Scifi
Print Length: 339 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Back on Earth, Ariana is caught in a dangerous crossfire between clandestine rebel organization Clementia and the power-hungry government. Refusing to divulge the location of the secret information entrusted to her by her late father, she desperately tries to bargain for her Mom, Lily, and Cal’s rescue. She’s fighting a losing battle, and the clock is ticking.

Presented with evidence of her fiancĂ© Cal’s apparent betrayal, she loyally defends him despite her concerns. With her emotions in turmoil, matters become even more complicated as she grows closer to her ex-boyfriend Zane.

When the stakes are raised, a succession of shocking revelations rocks her world, setting her on a path that will not only change her destiny but the fate of humanity.

Confronted by a memory so abhorrent comes a truth she would do anything to forget.

But some things just can’t be undone.

Beyond Reach (True Calling #2)My Review
Beyond Reach by Siobhan Davis

You know those little party favors that, when opened, a huge blast of confetti and streamers come bursting out and you wonder how all of that could fit in that little container? That’s how I felt after I read Siobhan Davis’ latest, Beyond Reach. Page one and the action, characters, twists and tension just kept bursting out, going on and on without taking a break! I don’t think I would have had time to breathe if it hadn’t been for punctuation marks.

Ariana is back on Earth, playing a potentially deadly game of keep away with the corrupt government and the Clementia rebels. She is determined not to hand over secret information given to her by her late father that could be the deciding factor in victory or defeat. She is more than willing to hand over the information after the release and safe return of her mother, Lily and her fiancé, Cal. Stalemate. No one is willing to force her, and no one is willing to comply with her demands without something in return.

Her life with Zane is part of the memories that have been stolen from her, but with his kindhearted ways, protectiveness and his heart on sleeve, Ariana finds herself falling for him all over again, but what of Cal? Has Ariana made herself a target for a girl who longs for Zane? A classic case of she loves him, he loves her, she loves another and he is missing, the big question mark in the equation, is he a traitor, a victim, or a hero who sacrificed to save others?

With the fate of humanity on her shoulders, Ariana is rocked with a bombshell revelation that should be a blessing, but it could also be a nightmare of epic proportions that she cannot undo. The clock is ticking, her options are running low, angst and emotions are burning up the pages and there are no guarantees that anyone will have a future together.

Talk about a story coming to life under the skill of a brilliant author! Siobhan Davis ‘world goes beyond gripping, nail-biting and gut clenching into a realm of action and atmosphere on steroids. The pace is blisteringly fast, and the characters? Well, I loved some, hated some, felt pity for some, changed my mind about some and when they sweat, I sweat, they were angry or confused, I was angry or confused. I wanted to get their attention and scream “NO” or “YES” or “Way to go, dufuss!” Yeah, I got that involved. When an author makes me forget this is “make believe,” and hours have passed since my last visit to reality, then they are an author to follow. Siobhan Davis writes like the Pied Piper plays his flute, it’s magical.

I received this ARC edition from Siobhan Davis in exchange for my honest review.

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