Thursday, March 5, 2015

Chaos at the Door by Brian Clopper (Monsters in Boxers - Book 1)

Monsters in Boxers #1: 
Chaos at the Door
by Brian Clopper

My rating: 5 stars

Children's Fiction | Middlegrade | Fantasy | Sci-fi
Series: Monsters in Boxers - Book 1
Publication Date: February 25, 2015
Publisher: Behemoth Books
Print Length: 176 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Time and space about to crash in on itself thanks to paradoxes galore? Check.

An invasion of Earth by ghastly monsters? Most definitely.

A super-baddie named Horde Lord? Absolutely.

Four unsuspecting kids suddenly able to become super-powered monsters courtesy of high-tech boxers? You know it.

Bullies, betrayals, and bombast? Of course we have the three B's.

The Monsters in Boxers series is a rowdy mash-up of monsters, time travel, and magical undergarments that's filled with action and wit.

Monsters in Boxers #1: Chaos at the DoorMy Review
Monsters in Boxers #1: Chaos at the Door by Brian Clopper

What could be more magical and exciting than being able to go from being a regular kid to a powerful super hero? Think of it, maybe you would have a cape, a mask, a powerbelt, or BOXERS??? That is exactly what happened to four friends when they each received a present from the sky, and of course we ALL love to get underwear for a present, right? Where did these boxers come from? Are they connected to messages Jason and Amy have been receiving from someone claiming to be their long lost father? They may look like regular boxer shorts, but when put on, the children are transformed into monsters in boxers, not necessarily pretty to look at, but definitely filled with super powers, which will come in handy when evil stalks the Earth. Could the fate of the world really be set upon the shoulders of Jason, his sister Amy and his two best friends, Troy and Reggie? Will they maintain their sense of self while within monster form? How did the boxers know what to change them into and what powers to give them? Were their powers a reflection of their personalities?

The Evil Horde Lord and his minions have plans to overtake the Earth, and not for the first time. It is up to this delightful quartet to thwart their plans. But how is Jason’s father involved? Where is he? What secrets were so dangerous that he needed to leave his family behind? And last, why were there five sets of boxers, if there are only four kids?

Re-mixed, re-mashed and re-released, Monsters in Boxers: Chaos at the Door is really remarkable! Middlegrade author, Brian Clopper has put his pen to paper and re-created his tale and made it even better, funnier, wittier, more intense and, well, just MORE of everything a quality children’s book should be! Filled with action, conflict, and hard to make choices, Mr. Clopper has once again given us a delightfully age appropriate read that will knock your socks off!

Looking for the perfect gift for the child who has every gadget known to mankind? How about a book like Monsters in Boxers: Chaos at the Door?

I received this new edition from Brian Clopper in exchange for my honest review. I rate it Grandma approved!

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