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Fighting for Keeps by Jennifer Snow (A Brookhollow Story #5)

Fighting for Keeps
by Jennifer Snow

My rating: 4 stars

Series: A Brookhollow Story - Book 5
Publication Date: May 1, 2015
Publisher: Harlequin Heartwarming
ISBN-13: 9781460381656
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 183 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


He's kryptonite. And she needs all her strength…

Noah Parks is the ridiculously gorgeous, motorcycle-riding, cage-match-fighting equivalent of kryptonite for Lindsay Harper. And she's going to need every last ounce of her strength now that she's the legal guardian of her brother's five orphaned children. For the sake of her new family, it's time to give up her carefree single ways. Stop being the cool aunt and become a parent. And fight this crazy attraction to Noah. Sure, there's a side of him she can't help falling for…the one who volunteers as a firefighter and helps at-risk youth. The irresistibly kind and caring side. But she is a nurse, after all. She can't love an MMA fighter, a man she regularly has to scan for physical trauma… Can she?

Fighting for Keeps (A Brookhollow Story, #5)My Review
Fighting for Keeps by Jennifer Snow

After a tragic accident, Lindsay has become the guardian of her 5 young nieces and nephews, all under nine years old. The legendary awesome aunt, Lindsay is clueless as to what it is like to be a mother, and it shows. She is in over her head, completely lost and floundering. Does she really need this handsome and gentle MMA fighter in her life? Really? She’s a nurse, she’s seen the damage he has sustained in the cage, but Noah has his reasons for what he does, and why he wants to make the big time as a fighter. He also has a heart as big as Texas and shares that love with teens in conflict, the ones who want a better life, as a mentor. So why doesn’t he share what he does with Lindsay? Maybe he wants her to take him as he is, but clearly, Lindsay cannot abide with his career dreams.

Why can’t she fall for the guy in the custom suit, the one who can handle the kids, the financial burden and who wants her? The heart knows what it wants, but Lindsay is positive she will never allow it. Or will she? What must Noah do to prove his love is not going anywhere?

Fighting for Keeps by Jennifer Snow is pure romantic torture! He loves her, she refuses to admit she loves him meanwhile; the guy who is “perfect” for her doesn’t even come close the knockout punch her heart gets when she is around Noah. Ms. Snow has created another tale of love from Bookhollow, as her Cupid’s Arrow finds two people, clearly meant for each other, in spite of the odds against them. The five orphaned kids are perfectly portrayed, from their reactions to their loss to the angst of a strong-willed young girl at a loss as to how to cope with the changes in her life. Lindsay is in turmoil, often too independent to ask for help at a time when she most definitely needs it. Noah has the patience of a saint, asking only to be accepted and willing to wait, completely sigh-worthy. In spite of the serious drama and events, there is a lightness to this read that will bring a chuckle and a smile to your face.

I received an ARC edition from Jennifer Snow in exchange for my honest review.

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