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Fireflies and Magnolias by Ava Miles (Dare River #3)

Fireflies and Magnolias
by Ava Miles

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Dare River - Book 3
Publication Date: February 24, 2015
Publisher: Ava Miles, Inc.
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 392 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


Amelia Ann Hollins might have been raised to be a sweet magnolia, but she’s found her inner fire—the quest for justice. The secrets she carries and a tragedy from her past prompt her to volunteer at a legal clinic in the worst part of town. Here she can serve and protect the one she couldn’t save. Here she will risk everything.

Clayton Chandler’s happy life ended when his daddy died tragically when he was a boy. He lost his belief in magic and signs, but Amelia Ann is stirring the embers of passion and faith inside him again. He doesn’t plan on risking his heart. To make matters worse, he works for her rock star brother and knows better than to date the younger sister of his best friend.
When Amelia Ann volunteers to help with her brother’s charity concert, Clayton has nowhere to run. Soon he can no longer deny his fiery passion for Amelia Ann, and as the danger of her calling and her secrets threaten their newfound love, they’ll learn fireflies are magical and magnolias can burn hotter than steel. (love story, contemporary romance, alpha males, heroes, billionaire, romance, family, falling in love, sweet romance) 

Fireflies and Magnolias (Dare River, #3)My Review
Fireflies and Magnolias by Ava Miles

When your heart sings a song of love, only the soft tones of an accompanying guitar can make your feelings a ballad. Too bad Clayton Chandler and Amelia Ann Hollins, country music star Rye Crenshaw’s baby sister seem to hit sour notes every time they are together. The harder she comes on, the more distant Clayton becomes. How can she convince him they were made to make sweet music together when he pulls the “I’m your brother’s best friend” or “You are too young, and naive about the world,” and my personal favorite, “Rye would kill me,” cards over and over.

What Clayton doesn’t know is there is so much more to Amelia Ann, she is dedicated to a cause near to her heart, abuse, specifically, spousal abuse. But Amelia Ann also carries a dark and painful secret in her heart, one that could shatter her family, her friends and their opinion of her.

Clayton is getting closer to the truth and time is running out for Amelia Ann to make her confession, knowing that any chance she had with him would be gone forever. Can she make amends with the person she wronged? Will that help the pain in her heart that Clayton will never see her as his woman, as opposed to Rye’s baby sister to protect? Or will a tale from the past and the glow of fireflies light the magic sparks of love as their wings gently fan the flames?

Ava Miles’ Fireflies and Magnolias is just one more warm and sensual addition to her amazing tales of romance. Told with her signature flare for all things love, Ms. Miles keeps that small town flavor of her previous series while bringing together a cast of more worldly characters. Rye Crenshaw is still larger than life, Clayton still needs to use less starch, and Amelia Ann? She is caught between being the feisty woman she can be and living in the shadows of her famous brother. Each page is filled with emotional turmoil, some good, some bad, but these characters bring it all home for Ms. Miles, once again, with humor, heart and swoon-worthy love.

I received this copy from Ava Miles in exchange for my honest review. Summer is coming, and her stories will make the perfect reading companion. They may even shine brighter than the sun!

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