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Forbidden City by A. J. Gallant (Braeden the Barbarian, #1)

Forbidden City:
Braeden the Barbarian
by A. J. Gallant

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Braeden the Barbarian - Book 1
Publication Date: March 12, 2015
Publisher: A. J. Gallant
Genre: Fantasy|Sword & Sorcery
Print Length: 317 pages
Available from: Amazon


In a strange land of realms and magic comes a barbarian in search of a Forbidden City where there are monsters, magic and a king who just doesn’t want to be king. Throw in one very peculiar castle that appears to have its own personality. Oh and did I mention one neurotic dragon?

Then we have Azalea, a warrior of exceptional beauty that has no equal with a sword, who’s being wrongfully pursued for a crime that she didn’t commit. Add Zack Braeden’s fateful companion and the barbarian’s horse Finn, both with an attitude but the horse just might be more intelligent.

Sprinkled with romance and topped with humor.

Forbidden City: Braeden the Barbarian (#1)My Review
Forbidden City by A. J. Gallant

What? Another epic fantasy steeped in myth and mystery? Nope, not even close to being just another fantasy, The Forbidden City comes to life with humor and heart. A.J. Gallant takes his quirky attitude and unique brand of writing into the world of Braeden, the Barbarian, a force to be reckoned with, a formidable warrior, a protector of the weak, a seeker of the Forbidden City and all of its wealth. Braeden has traveled the deserts to find an old friend, once a warrior ally with only his brute strength, cunning mind and spelled horse, Finn. Upon finding his friend, the snarky and brash Zack, he has a chance to use his talents for good, so of course, the small town wants to make him their king and build a castle for him, meanwhile, he has one more journey to undertake, Zack by his side. They are in search of a mythical city protected by monsters, magic and danger. Are they the only ones on this quest or is there another fierce warrior also looking for this lost city?

Azalea, beautiful, tough and a skilled warrior in her own right is on the run from false accusations, will they make a better allies or enemies? Will they find the Forbidden City? Will there truly be magic and riches to share? Witches and wizards have spells to sell, magic to barter with, but one of the best weapons available may be Finn, who can speak to Braeden in his mind and seems to be quite a tactician, team player and jokester all rolled into one.

This is the first of their tales of adventure, complete with flashbacks to what made Braeden the man he is today as he reminisces about his childhood, good, bad and indifferent.

A.J. Gallant has splashed this tale with the rainbow colors of his imagination. Contemporary dialogue, monsters, a quirky dragon, a “talking” horse and a land far, far away are only part of the legend that is Braeden, the Barbarian, and the humor? Priceless! Easy to read, easy to follow and magically enthralling, this is a fun read to sit back and be entertained by!

I received this copy from A.J. Gallant in exchange for my honest review.

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