Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Madame Lilly, The Time of Sanura by Dormaine G.

Madame Lilly, 
The Time of Sanura
by Dormaine G.

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: March 10, 2015
Publisher: Dormaine G
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Print Length: 98 pages
Available from: Amazon


History always has a way of repeating itself

Madame Lilly journeys back in time to her great grandmother's era, the time of Sanura. Both women possess more than a kinship for they are each bound by harmful spirits whom they refuse to relinquish. By the hand of a mysterious being, Elijah, Lilly is transported into the past to witness the dark path Sanura chose that ultimately lead to her demise.

While in this era, Lilly feels the turmoil Sanura endured as a young girl. Even as she fights to deny her ability to see the non-living. But the more she refuses the sight, the more the dead seem to flock. And then a dreadful accident takes place forcing her to finally accept her once unwanted gift. She soon welcomes the dead.

Through Sanura's struggle of growing up an innocent child being forced to take on the burdens no one should undergo, she ultimately transforms into a frightfully powerfully woman. Lilly watches from afar, as Sanura grows more commanding with each act of wickedness, until her final downfall. Even then, Sanura refuses to surrender her bound spirits for they need her as much as she thought she needed them.

Madame Lilly, The Time of SanuraMy Review
Madame Lilly, The Time of Sanura by Dormaine G.

Don’t even bother getting all comfortable in your favorite reading chair, Dormaine G. has pulled out all of the emotional stops in Madame Lilly: Time of Sanura as Lilly learns of her great-grandmother’s own struggle to control her dark magic in a time when even her life as a slave brought her grief. Owned by a “physician” with a God complex, hearing voices, seeing entities calling to her, Sanura risks being sold or worse if her secrets ever came out. But the pleas for her help become louder, angrier and they lead her to a locked and forbidden room full of death and the remnants of barbaric experiments. From that day forward, Sanura’s fate is sealed, even finding true love cannot save her from herself. Is this to be Lilly’s fate, as well? Lilly becomes the audience to her Great-grandmother’s tortured life, is it a warning for her or will history repeat itself?

I have been hooked on Dormaine G.’s dark tales in this series since book one. They are not for those afraid to take to the dark side of the road. For those who enjoy a well-written tale that is veiled in mystery, darkness and magic, I say pick up every single book and dig in! Dormaine G.’s writing has deepened, matured and her words flow with her own magic as you wonder, could the tales of Voodoo be true? It may steal a piece of the practitioner’s soul, but writing about it has enhanced this author’s creative flow!

I received this copy from Dormaine G. in exchange for my honest review.

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