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Moirae by Mehreen Ahmed

by Mehreen Ahmed

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: December 31, 2014
Publisher: PostScript Editions
Genre: Dystopian | Fiction
Print Length: 109 pages
Available from: Amazon


Embedded in dream allegory, Moirae depicts human predicament exploring notions of fate and religion. Taken from a fantasy land in a parallel world with two moons, called the Lost Winds, this story is about human oppression under a tyrannical regime which calls itself democratic. To flee persecution, people seek protection in a place called Draviland, far away from the Lost Winds. Dramas pertaining to such human conditions have been captured in the main character's lucid dreams, often knitted in pink honeycomb pattern to construe self organized behavior, emerging spontaneously through swarm intelligence.

MoiraeMy Review
Moirae by Mehreen Ahmed 

Looking for that very different type of read, one that pulls you directly into the hearts and minds of its characters? Moirae by Mehreen Ahmed is nothing like anything I have ever read before.

In the fantasy world created by this author, a government claiming to be totally democratic in its policies proves anything but as we follow a young girl whose only hope of fleeing the stigma of poverty and persecution is to become one of the fortunate few who find a new life in a land of plenty, far away. Her family has lived under the “shame” of a well-meaning brother who has fled to save his life for a debt he incurred. Worse, he has taken to another religion, worshiping the same god, but differently. As he matures and comes into his own, we follow his life, his understanding of his place in a world whose true face is hidden behind a dark mask. We are invited to see, feel and hear each thought as if they were our own as Ms. Ahmed chooses to add another layer of reality by streaming these thoughts across the page. Think about it, are your thoughts clear, concise and written out like a report in your head or are they a constant flow that follows different paths at any given time?

A fascinating tale of humanity, hardship, betrayal and fear are woven much like a continuing honeycomb pattern the knitter is compelled to keep adding on to. Enjoyable as great reading or a search for symbolism in the author's words.

I received this copy from Mehreen Ahmed in exchange for my honest review.

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