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Nightmare Lane by Steven Daniel

Nightmare Lane
by Steven Daniel

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: September 17, 2014
Publisher: Steven Daniel
Genre: Fiction & Fantasy | Humor & Satire
Print Length: 245 pages
Available from: Amazon


Thaniel Trace, a mummy, has lived in our world with his human wife, step-son, and zombie child for years. After hearing some unnerving news, he decides to move his family to his world. A world where creatures and entities, who haunt our nightmares, reside. The Trace family arrive at Nightmare Lane where they meet interesting neighbors like Frank Stein, Alucard Vamp, and G. Reaper.

Nightmare LaneMy Review
Nightmare Lane by Steven Daniel 

Once again, clueless humans have things that go bump in the night living right next door. Under disguise, mummies, vamps, and more have crossed through portals to the human world. They marry humans, have kids, and coexist in peace, no one, except their families any the wiser. But wait? Has the government found out? Did a ghoul turn snitch or what? The time has come to return to their own world, fast!

Thaniel is a mummy, a good father and husband to his human wife, but it’s time to head for a portal and the safety of his world. Will his family feel like the misfit he always felt like or will his world accept their humanity?

Sounds pretty heavy, huh? Nope, thanks to Steven Daniel’s attitude and sarcasm, Nightmare Lane is more like a quirky indictment of the world at large, with cheaters, judgmental beings, lack of acceptance and even teens run amok. Sure, the neighborhoods are the same, well, except for the vamps and the Frankentseins (monster, not doctor) and there are always neighbors who don’t get along, but Corpesvine, Frighten Pointe and Nightmare Lane are like being in Anytown, USA without the masks people wear.

When the military finds portals to enter through, the war has come home and Thaniel and his neighbors may be the only things stopping total annihilation. Like a band of unlikely superheroes, they fight to live, mend fences between enemies and even face the loss of friends and family. All great good vs evil material, indeed! Maybe you can’t outrun your problems, but you need a hero to believe in and it might just be yourself.

Steven Daniel has a message buried deep within his supernatural satire, and whether you get it or not, you can’t help but love his bold writing style that pulls no punches on any topic he touches on! The mental stage is set, the characters fill his world and once the pages start turning, it’s an adventure just to picture a vamp and a mummy fighting side by side! Humorous, unique and very well written, I can’t imagine anyone not coming away shaking their head in amusement, amazement or creative awe!

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