Saturday, March 14, 2015

Partner by Lia Silver (Werewolf Marines #2)


Written by: Lia Silver
Series: Werewolf Marines
Sequence in Series: 2
Print Length: 350 pages
Publisher: Melusine Press
Publication Date: February 24, 2015
Rating: 4 Stars
Genre: Scifi | Paranormal Romance
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Echo has devoted her life to protecting her sister.

In all her years as a genetically engineered assassin, Echo never met anyone like DJ Torres before. The captured werewolf Marine offered her trust, friendship, love, and the hope of freedom— not only for herself, but for the frail clone-sister she won’t leave behind. But will Echo’s dark secret destroy their hopes for the future?

DJ Torres would give his life to save his buddy.

DJ has spent his life accomplishing the impossible. But now he’s faced with a dilemma that threatens to crush even his bright spirit. DJ can’t rescue his captured buddy without fleeing the lab. Echo can’t flee the lab without abandoning her hostage sister. Will DJ be forced to choose between his best friend and the woman he loves?

Will love keep them together or tear them apart?

Still held captive by the shady government agency running Wildfire Base, DJ and Echo are forced to go on a series of missions, from undercover escapades at an excruciatingly elegant diplomatic party to a desperate battle in a terrorist compound. Their relationship grows stronger under fire… until they are confronted with a terrible choice.

Partner has a happy ending and no cliffhanger.

Partner (Echo's Wolf, #2)My Review:
Partner by Lia Silver

We've waited to get DJ Torres's side of story and its finally here in Partner, a Werewolf Marines Novel.

DJ Torres is a born werewolf, captured during a marine operation gone bad. He is taken to a secret facility ran by the government for the exploration of werewolves being used as operatives. Kept captive and forced to do the “handlers” bidding, DJ is partnered with Echo, a genetically created human.

Forced together the two discover feelings they never thought imaginable but will they loose it all trying to escape the cage that holds them.

Gender, male/female/werewolf/genetic alterations, none of that matters, the characters are all seen on equal footing.

I found the plot to have lots of humor that was balanced by an equal amount of seriousness. There is a fake marriage, tons of action in and out of bed and sometimes even some action in the shower while they still struggle to break from their captivity and the demented experiments.

Fun, fast paced and steamin' hot, Partner a delightfully entertaining read.

I received this copy of Patner from Lia Silver in exchange for a honest review.

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