Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Rendered by Amy Boyles

By Amy Boyles

My rating: 3.5 stars

Series: Dark Revolution Novella - 2
March 5, 2015
Genre: Dystopian | Romance
Print Length: 87 pages
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Ten years ago, Drian Becker underwent the Rendering, a humiliating body exam imposed upon the masses by her father, a commander in the Patriot Army. Being a high ranking official’s daughter, Drian thought she was safe from the practice—not so. Her father’s betrayal left her emotionally scarred and dishonored.

It’s now 2098. Drian hasn’t thought about the Rendering since she became leader of a rebel faction—mostly because she’s an expert at hiding her feelings behind a thick outer wall of badass attitude.

All that changes when Colvin Hinton walks into her camp. With his easy swagger and even easier demeanor, Colvin makes being a rebel look good enough to taste. But when Drian finds herself tangled in his charms she lets down her guard, giving an old enemy the chance to take her out once and for all.

If loving a man is this dangerous, would Drian have been better off remaining in the clutches of her father and living with the scars of being RENDERED?

My Review
Rendered by Amy Boyles

In the near future, the world is under the brutal dictatorship of an elite group that dictates what people eat, wear, even who they marry, one young  girl is forced by her father to undergo the dehumanizing ritual of the Rendering, in an effort to show her her place in the world.  Fleeing the humiliation and public debasement, Drian joins a rebel group who fight for the fall of the government and the survival of the commoners. Having worked her way to the role of leader, a stranger breaches their lookouts. His mission join their two factions against the tyranny of the government. What neither counted on was the heat of passion that ignited between them. could Drian have finally found a man worth living and possibly dying for?

Rendered by Amy Boyles is the second novella in a dystopian series filled with deceit, danger and enough sensual heat to cause a rolling boil to seem tepid.  A touch of intrigue, good versus evil, and hope for the future, if the rebels do not get trapped in their own web.

A spicy read that scratches the surface on what could be a very riveting series. Each scene has a bold impact and high emotional pull, I do suggest reading the first novella prior to this to pick up some history.  I did not and feel something was missing for that final connection, but Amy Boyles does write with a bold approach that will raise your hackles, raise your heartrate and keep you reading.

I received this copy in exchange for my honest review from the author.

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  1. I love your analogies, Dii. "sensual heat to cause a rolling boil to seem tepid" It does make the reader head for that 'one-click' purchase button!