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The Calling by Lousie G. White (Gateway Series #1)

The Calling
 by Louise G. White

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Gateway - Book 1
Publication Date: March 13, 2014
Publisher: Louise White
ISBN-13: 9780993081729
Genre: YA Paranormal | Romance \ Coming of Age
Print Length: 326 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


On the run and hiding from ‘the suits’, Carolyn’s life is far from straightforward. After her mother and brother go missing in a most extraordinary way, (through a hole to another world which appears in the kitchen wall!), she is determined to track them down and bring them home. But life is never that easy! Rescued and protected by a group of unusual and like minded ‘people’, Carolyn hones her magic and fighting skills. Whilst answering a ‘call’ to retrieve a human from another world she’s faced with a quick decision and ends up bringing a demon back with her. Little did she know what effect this demon would have on her. As each day passes her strengths grow and her magic develops to assist her in her quest to track down her family, but there are decisions to make that will affect the rest of her life

The Calling (Gateway Series #1)My Review
The Calling by Lousie G. White

Demons? Check ! Portals? Check! One tough warrior heroine with a bone to grind with said demons? Check! Magic, Mystery and Mayhem? Check! And last, but certainly not least, one demon that slips under her guard and steals our warrior’s heart? Check and Double check! Whew! It’s all here in The Calling by Louise G. White! Now let’s talk details, the journey, the battles and the romance and the unlikely troupe of heroes fighting the good fight against evil.

Carolyn witnessed the unimaginable, her mother being pulled through a portal to a dimension of demons, right in her kitchen, and where has her brother disappeared to? Will they come back for Carolyn or will she go off the grid in an effort to find her family or avenge their deaths. One demon at a time, she becomes known as The Destroyer, as their number fall at her feet. Somebody knows who she is, someone has noticed and they are coming after her. Is it the government? The demons, or perhaps an unlikely group of beings to aid in her mission, each with their own special “abilities.”

All was great until Carolyn, for some unknown reason, saves a demon and brings him back to our realm, and of course, his sweet innocence to this world is endearing and his handsome human persona has her hormones raging, but can they really be together? The day her mother was taken is firmly etched into her mind and he is one of them…

Louise G. White has created a non-stop world of action, turmoil and hidden secrets. With brilliant characters to shine across each page and graphic detailing of each scene, you will be transported to contemporary Scotland, a land known for its magical tales. Incredible world building, fleshing out of characters from the inside out and youthful romantic confusion all help raise The Calling into the realm of must reads, young adults on up!

I received this copy from Louise G. White in exchange for my honest review.


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