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The Chains of War: by Dean F. Wilson (Book Three of the Children of Telm)

The Chains of War:
Book Three of the Children of Telm
by Dean F. Wilson

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Children of Telm - Book 3
Publication Date: August 12, 2014
Publisher: Dioscuri Press
Genre: Epic Fantasy Adventure
Print Length: 294 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble



The first of Agon’s chains has broken, and the others are straining. It is only a matter of time before he is free, before the world is engulfed in chaos and death.

There are few left to stop him. Most of the gods can only sit and watch in horror from their prison in the heavens, but the resurrection of the father god Corrias gives the people of Iraldas a sliver of hope, a fighting chance.

Yet the memory of Corrias' failure to defeat Agon in ages past plays heavily on all minds. Many know that it is only the might of the Warrior-god Telm that can defeat the Beast. That god is dead, but his power lives on in his bloodline, in Ifferon and others like him, and they are tasked with waging a final war against the Beast.

The Chains of War: Book Three of the Children of TelmMy Review
The Chains of War by Dean F. Wilson

With high tension, a great flare for intrigue and his own brand of creative passion, Dean F. Wilson brings his world back to life as the deadliest battle is about to be waged, in The Chains of War. Agon has been raging, his chains are breaking and the race contain or kill him is on. His minions are prepared for battle, their numbers are uncountable and victory seems unattainable for Ifferon and his allies. Can they gather the forces needed to defend themselves?

Are the gods so different from mortals? Who will remain standing in the final battle? Agon is coming and Corrias claims to be ready to defeat the monster.Ifferon claims not to have a warrior’s heart but can he cower in the background as his allies and friends willingly risk their lives in battle? In the war waged against evil, the final battle will determine the fate of Ifferon’s world. Heroes will fall, lives will be destroyed and when the stench of death lay upon the battlefield, who will be standing when Good battles Evil? Will it end here or will there be more bloodshed?

The Children of Telm must rise to the occasion and Dean F. Wilson has given them all of the necessary tools they will need, but did he give them enough heart? Mr. Wilson is gifted with the ability to draw readers into his world where time and location are felt through his words and vivid descriptions. I felt I was there, facing off on a battlefield that would soon be a river of blood and death, swords clanged, horses thundered at full gallop and the smell of evil permeates the air. So many characters, races and personalities have come to life under his pen as the lines of fantasy and reality blur. Excellent storytelling,twists,believable characters, truly authentic emotions and non-stop action will leave you breathless as the final page is turned. Dean F. Wilson had me enthralled, once again, and that is an author’s gift to his readers, to connect so closely that the reader feels every step of the story.

I received this copy from Dean F. Wilson in exchange for my honest review.

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