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The Road to Rebirth Dean F. Wilson (The Children of Telm #2)

The Road to Rebirth
by Dean F. Wilson

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Children of Telm - Book 2
Publication Date: January 28, 2014
Publisher: Dioscuri Press
Genre: Epic Fantasy | Scifi
Print Length: 324 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble



After the catastrophe of the Call of Agon, Ifferon and his companions find themselves in the unenviable situation of witnessing, and partaking in, the death of another god—this time Corrias, the ruler of the Overworld.

With Corrias locked inside the corpse of the boy Theos, he suffers a fate worse than the bonds of the Beast Agon. Yet hope is kindled when the company find a way to restore the boy, and possibly the god, back to life.

The road to rebirth has many pitfalls, and there are some who consider such meddling with the afterlife a grave risk. The prize might be life anew—but the price might also be a second death.

The Road to Rebirth (The Children of Telm, #2)My Review
The Road to Rebirth Dean F. Wilson

Dean F. Wilson sweeps us back into the fantasy world he has created from the ground up in The Road to Rebirth as the cleric Ifferon and his group reel from battle, the ruler of the Overworld, Corrias has been trapped within the corpse of the young boy he had inhabited. Unable to escape or sustain himself, Corrias will die. Is there a way to bring life back to the boy and hopefully restore life to Corrias? The Road to Rebirth will be filled with doubt, strife, deceit and those opposed to the resurrection, but Ifferon is determined to prevail. Is the risk of changing to life span of these two a danger that should not be attempted? No one knows what will happen to their spirits during “rebirth” or even if it will succeed. Welcome back to Ifferon’s journey as he uncovers more truths, about himself and the world around him.

I won’t detail the entire journey we take alongside Ifferon, there is far too much going on, but truly, if you are thinking about trying a truly epic escape from reality, I would recommend this series.

Any fan of epic fantasy will tell you it’s the world created the mental images the author sends to his readers and really feeling what is happening, not just reading about new lands, new religions, customs and the people within the tale, but being a part of it. Dean F. Wilson has pulled me into his tale, shown me the faults of his characters and sometimes the folly of their quest, but never once did I want to leave. Intermingling phrases or thoughts that resound with truths for any age and time, we are invited to witness the turmoil that is part of life, even if in another land, far beyond any world we will ever visit. Mr. Wilson also handles the concurrent events well, and out of the chaos of a world in a battle of good versus evil there come reason and order as simultaneous events unfold. Settle back and prepare to be taken from reality into Dean F. Wilson’s world and experience true fantasy from the mind of a gifted author.

I received this copy from Dean F. Wilson in exchange for my honest review.

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