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The Token 9: Chet Sinclair by Marata Eros

The Token 9: Chet Sinclair

Written by: Marata Eros
Series: The Token
Sequence in Series: 9
Paperback: 198 pages
Publication Date: February 27, 2015
Rating: 5 Stars
ISBN-10: 1499264313
ISBN-13: 978-1499264319
Genre: Dark Erotic Suspense
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An Addiction.

Kiki is desperate to stop the twisted relationship she shares with Chet Sinclair, but finds that she can't. He is too vital, too potent... like a magnet, she cleaves to him. Desperate to break the pattern, she goes into hiding to escape her feelings and a ghost from her past comes back to haunt her.

The Consumption.

Needy and unnerved, Kiki turns to the one person that offered her solace from the past. Can Damon Axton erase what's begun? Will he be the one to break the cycle of sexual intensity and obsession that Chet uses to imprison her, body and soul?

A Recompense of Love.

When Sinclair discovers where Kiki is hiding, their passion explodes once again. Can either admit their true feelings for each other? Or will sensual enslavement destroy their dark love before it has begun?

The Token 9: Chet Sinclair (The Token, #9)My Review:
The Token 9: Chet Sinclair by Marata Eros

Chet Sinclair has built carefully constructed walls around his life. Walls that hide the hurt, pain and devastation known as his childhood. Although he comes from privilege, he doesn't expect a happily ever after will be possible...until Kiki gets under his skin.

Kiki has clawed her way to the top. Working her way through school, she is a force to be reckoned with. That is the case until the day Chet and Kiki collide. Kiki feelings for Chet make her become vulnerable to hurt like she's never known...and she's known a lot of hurt.

Kiki runs from Chet and her feelings right into what she thought to be a safe haven, but has she run herself deeper into trouble.

Chet knows he should let Kiki go but his draw to be with Kiki is fierce.

When the past catches up with them, both Kiki and Chet will have to decide if they can learn to trust in each other before they loose everything.

Passions explode in this dark and dangerous city's underbelly. Intense sexual attraction becomes obsession or is it love?

Marata Eros is a master at redeeming the unredeemable and taking villainy to the Nth degree. We are giving a little taste of both in The Token 9: Chet Sinclair.

Don't miss this provocative storytelling that doesn't give you a chance to catch your breath.

I received this Copy of The Token 9: Chet Sinclair from Marata Eros in exchange for a honest review.

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