Friday, March 27, 2015

We Three Meet by D. Spangler

We Three Meet 
by D. Spangler (Brian Clopper)

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: March 14, 2015
Publisher: Vintage Path Books
Genre: Romantic Comedy | Fantasy
Print Length: 194 pages
Available from: Amazon


Sebastian and Brooke find their lives upended when they become aware that they're characters in a novel. With the writer watching over them, manipulating forces to drive them together, each responds differently to the narrative intrusion. Will the path they take be one forged together or will the writer drive a wedge between them? This metafiction romance is D. Spangler's debut novel

We Three MeetMy Review
We Three Meet by D. Spangler

…Theirs was a Storybook Romance, no; really. Sebastian and Brooke are part of a story where their writer tries to steer them into falling in love! We Three Meet by D. Spangler is one of the most unique romances I have ever read! Of course writers are always the “Cupid” behind the scenes, pulling strings, twisting plots, tossing in a few support characters, you know how it goes. Ever wonder how the characters in a book feel as the author moves them around like game pieces on a chessboard? Does the writer manipulate their feelings? Is each scene a contrived and forgone happening or is it possible for the characters to take the reins back for a time to truly learn about themselves and their fellow players, not to mention, show the writer who is really running the show?

Sebastian and Brooke live in the same small town, but their paths have never crossed, until one day, they find themselves doing more “path crossing” than a puppy on a walk, having no idea what put it into their heads to do what they were doing. Divine intervention? Or something more earthly? Can they fight the push and pull of the writer’s pen or will they discover that no matter what, they will dance to the beat of the author’s pen?

Like “cute” romance with a truly “unique” approach? Tired of the same old plot where the people and places can be interchanged like puzzle pieces? Jump into the minds of these characters as they try to wreak havoc on their author’s endgame! Enjoy the romance that is being fought tooth and nail, the thoughts and dialogue of the two main characters and the humor in trying to outsmart the man behind the pen. Maybe they did just what the author wanted, after all! D. Spangler is no stranger to quirky tales filled with fun, your kids know him as Brian Clopper, teacher, storyteller and artist. Want to share some fun reading time with your kids? You read We Three Meet and get the kids his middlegrade book about becoming a character with a story Irving Wishbutton and the Questing Academy.

I received this copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.


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