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Where Love Takes You by Rebecca Scarberry & Franics Potts

Where Love Takes You
by Rebecca Scarberry & Francis Potts

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: December 15, 2013
Publisher: Rebecca Scarberry
Genre: Romance
Print Length: 248 pages
Available from: Amazon


Besides being an ingenious sequel to Messages from Henry, Where Love Takes You is also a light-hearted stand-alone romance novel.

A chance encounter in Oregon leads to a four way transatlantic romance, with further adventures for Henry, the pigeon hero in book one; as he tries pigeon racing in England. There's love in the air and on the ground.

Where Love Takes YouMy Review
Where Love Takes You by Rebecca Scarberry & Francis Potts

Need to lighten up your romance reading? It’s okay, light and fluffy can be fun, especially when the romance is between two couples in their mid to late fifties! Before you shiver, and do the “I can’t hear you, thing,” you need to read this and appreciate the fact that finally there is a romance you can share with your mother and talk about it, actually talk!!

Where Love Takes You by Rebecca Scarberry and Francis Potts is a heart-warming and humorous romance that stretches the bounds of believable reality with how easily everything fell into place. You know what? That is exactly what makes this romance so much fun, sweet, endearing and sigh-worthy.

The common ground? Pigeons! Racing them, breeding them, caring for them, loving them!

Two widows, best friends, sharing everything just like teens, find themselves whisked into almost dreamlike romances, with two British gentlemen visiting the States. As luck would have it, both women are offered a fabulous price for their rural land and the future is now a blank canvas on which to paint a sparkling new life! Where to live? Why not try the gypsy life, and pick the winner in their planned globe-trotting. First stop, Great Britain and more time to get to know the gents. When a race goes horribly wrong, the search begins, and every step of the way, these four are the perfect besties, lovers and companions. But is this the land to move to or will the taint of the race be a nail in their happiness balloon?

Rebecca Scarberry and Francis Potts have a gem on their hands, a sweet read filled with all of the insecurities of youth, a few decades later, loved it, loved it, loved it! And yes, it is Mom safe!

I received this copy from Rebecca Scarberry in exchange for my honest review.


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