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Damage Limitation by Jack Everett & David Coles (A Detective Inspector White Caper)

Damage Limitation: 
A Detective Inspector White Caper
by Jack Everett & David Coles

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Detective Inspector White Caper -Book 2
Publication Date: April 6, 2015
Publisher: Barking Rain Press
Genre: Mystery | Thriller
Print Length: 305 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble


The past comes back to haunt Detective Inspector Stewart White again and again in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse. Picking up the trail where it left off in Damaged Goods, this riveting crime thriller starts with a bang and never lets up.

At the top of White’s most-wanted list is a maniacal magician who leaves his victims in locked, sealed rooms with no way in or out. But it seems that the magician has fled the country… yet copycat murders are popping up all over Leeds. So who is really behind these murders — and what does it have to do with the arrest that earned him a promotion?

Two years ago, White apprehended a ruthless Midlands underworld drug lord and racketeer, Leroy “King” Richards. The King swore he would get even with White, and now he’s escaped from prison. Is he out planning his vengeance — and what could that possibly have to do with the surprise appearance of the sister of Robert Cleghorn, the crazed CIA operative from his first case as a Detective Inspector?

With nothing up his sleeves, and more than his career at stake, will D.I. White’s deductive mojo get it all sorted in time?

Damage Limitation: A Detective Inspector White CaperMy Review
Damage Limitation by Jack Everett & David Coles 

Grab your tally sheets, DI Stewart White is on the streets again, but this time, who is chasing whom, who is dead and who is alive, and who is on which team is all part of this maze of the long arm of the law vs the masterminds of crime. Like a kaleidoscope, one turn and the picture changes, the plot twists and the players are practically stumbling over themselves as murder, money and a manhunt take DI White and his team on a danger-filled ride with more tentacles than an octopus as the past clashes with the present and a copycat murderer is muddying the waters with blood and bodies.

Stewart’s life at home is becoming as stressful as his police work, as the beautiful sister of his most heinous case comes to claim her brother’s belongings and ends up with a piece of Stewart’s heart, or “something.” Meanwhile his elderly father is now a permanent fixture in his home and that adds another layer of stress and worry. But have no fear, DI White can keep several balls in the air at once, or so he thinks. Speaking of juggling, has a magician been snuffing out lives and disappearing without a trace or has he become the patsy for a far darker killer?

Once again, with too much death, too many cases and too little time, DI White must pull a rabbit out of his hat and close these cases up tight. Can he do that if he may also be a target for death? Is it possible he will receive help from an unlikely source on a mission of their own?

Damage Limitation is dark, edgy and filled with that special ingredient British crime/mystery authors are famous for! Let Jack Everett and David Coles pull you back into the dark and seedy world of crime and the hunt for justice through a chaotic landscape where evil thrives. Two voices, write in harmony creating mystery, mayhem and white knuckle thrills as each clue, each strand of the story become a road map to powerful mystery and suspense.

I received this copy from Jack Everett in exchange for my honest review.

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