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Drift Wind by Guy Stanton III (Wind Drifters, #4)

Drift Wind
by Guy Stanton III

My rating: 5 stars

Series - The Wind Drifters - Novella 4
Publication Date: March 31, 2015
Publisher: Words of Action
Genre: Sci-fi|Western
Print Length: 88 pages
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They came in the night breaking and smashing. I heard my ma put up a fight, but then came the shot and I heard her body hit the floor of our old cabin. Now I was crouched under the old foot bridge, the water although still ice cold from winter melt higher up in the mountains couldn’t compare to the chill I felt in my heart. These men meant to kill me stone cold dead. All because of my blood some said, but I knew the truth. This was no backwoods feud. These were government men. I had to get west to my Uncle Taran. He’d help me.

Tara Collins wasn’t use to the ways of civilized society the likes of which could be found in the valley bottoms that rivers meandered lazily through. She’d been raised high up in the hills of the Allegany Mountains where those bottom land rivers were first given birth to. It didn’t matter now how well she knew the byways and secret places of the mountains. No place was safe for her. She was to her knowledge the last of her kin left in the East. It was time to go west and make her own way.

Drift Wind is a continuation of a series of western sci-fi novels that feature adventure, action, and faith. Christian Speculative Fiction – learn to love it!

Drift Wind (The Wind Drifters, #4)My Review
Drift Wind by Guy Stanton III 

Do a few stretches to warm up, because this time, Guy Stanton III thrusts us into his tale mid-chase, as young Tara runs from the nightmare that her life has become toward the safety promised by an uncle she doesn’t know. Alone and innocent, she leaves the safety of her mountain to head West. But can a girl survive safely in a world where she is considered a commodity to be traded for money? Tara’s faith is strong and she prays for guidance, anything to give her strength and she receives three paths to take. The path she has chosen will be the most difficult, but could reap the most rewards as she touches the lives of others, including a mute warrior who becomes her fellow escapee from a slave’s prison. Will he help her reach her goal of finding her uncle or does he have his own agenda for the young girl? Her faith runs deep, her bloodline is strong, but she is also human, with emotions that are awakened by her warrior’s kindness.

Told with the young voice of a teen sheltered from the evil in life, as each page progresses, Tara’s maturity grows in leaps and bounds as life teaches her so many lessons and her faith protects her.

Guy Stanton III has packed more story, more action and more atmosphere in these few pages then many much larger tales, and he does it without sacrificing depth or vividly described scenes. A very quick read that fits well into the scheme of previous novellas in this series, that special touch of sci-fi is there, the feel of a western is there, all bundled together perfectly with a faith-based tale. Nothing is in excess, but what an ending, indeed!

I received this copy from Guy Stanton III in exchange for my honest review.

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