Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hard Wind by Guy Stanton III (The Wind Drifters, #3)

Hard Wind
by Guy Stanton III

My rating: 4.5 stars

Series: The Wind Drifters - Book 3
Publication Date: March 2, 2015
Publisher: Words of Action
Genre: Sci-fi/Western/Christian Fiction
Print Length: 86 pages
My Rating: 4.5 Stars
Available from: Amazon


Black iron bars everywhere. Nothing to do, but count the cockroaches on the wall. The chink and rattle of my chains sounding loud in the stillness of the cell with every movement that I make. All this to just keep me from the freedom of the wide open plains beyond the bars of my window. I didn’t like rules and I broke them whenever I could. That was why I was here rotting in this Mexican hell hole of a prison.

Logan Collins was hell bent and he would be the first one to admit it. Cattle Rustler, Bank Thief, Hired Gun ………. the list went on. One thing he wasn’t though was a man that took orders. So when he was ordered to do something against his will by the U.S. Government he did what he always did. He rebelled.

Hard Wind (The Wind Drifters, #3)My Review
Hard Wind by Guy Stanton III 

His resume is long, cattle rustler, bank robber, hired gun, too bad the law frowns upon such expertise. Logan Collins is convinced he is destined for hell, so why not raise a little now, aren’t rules meant to be broken for free spirits like him? Welcome to Guy Stanton III’s Hard Wind and Logan’s first glimpse of what he considers Heaven, in the eyes of a beautiful and feisty young woman. Too bad the woman just tasered him without remorse and is likely to do it again if he doesn’t fall in step with the deal he is being offered. I know, you’re thinking, a taser in the Wild West? Yessiree, partner, a taser and more!

Seems Logan has been offered a deal he cannot refuse and he becomes the ultimate power behind a spaceship headed of planet. Too bad he has no idea what these people are talking about, but he’ll go along with anything to do with Claire, the angel of his dreams. Will her faith in Logan and her faith in God hit a roadblock with only one path to choose? Has the love a good woman brought faith back into Logan’s life?

Guy Stanton III knows how to mix it up and come out with a tale to read, re-read and pass along! There is a maturing of his style as he has settled into this series firmly as he raises his own bar with Hard Wind. From the Old West to Outer Space, this western/Scifi/Christian fiction is clever from start to finish as the transitions run very smoothly and the characters come to life on each page!

I received this copy from Guy Stanton III in exchange for my honest review.

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